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Sherrod Library

East Tennessee State University

Interlibrary Loan: How Long Does It Take?

Need something we don't have at the Sherrod Library? We can get it for you (or try our best)! Learn more.

ILL Turnaround Time

How soon will my requests arrive?

On average, articles arrive within 3-5 days and books arrive within 8-10 days. These averages are for everyone, even full professors. A good rule of thumb: allow one week for articles and two weeks for books.

I requested two books at the same time, and one came a week later than the first. How did that happen?

We try to borrow from libraries in our state and region (NC, VA, etc.) first, but if there isn't a copy, or if nearby copies are in use, we go on to try libraries farther away. It can take over two weeks for a book to come by library rate from Oregon, for example.