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Interlibrary Loan: Status Explanations

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What does it all mean?

  • Awaiting Conditional Processing – This status may mean three things. 1) A potential lending library has replied that it may be able to supply if more information can be supplied by the ILL staff (cost, format, citation clarification, etc.). 2) A potential lender cannot supply but is giving the ILL staff some helpful information on how to obtain from another lender. 3) A potential lender has refused to provide the material and is explaining why. In all three cases, the ILL staff will review your request and will attempt other potential lenders if possible.
  • Awaiting Copyright Clearance - This photocopy request has been submitted by the library patron and it is awaiting copyright processing to determine if any copyright fees need to be paid.
  • Awaiting Customer Contact - This requested item has arrived and has been processed by the ILL staff, but the library patron has not yet been informed that the item has arrived.
  • Awaiting Denied Renewal Processing – The lending library has refused the renewal request and the library patron has yet to be notified of this.
  • Awaiting Lender Resend - A lender has sent the finished request to us but we did not receive it. We have notified them, and are waiting for a response.
  • Awaiting Librarian Processing - This status is used when a request might need some extra searching help from the librarian.
  • Awaiting Post Receipt Processing - This requested item has arrived, but has not yet been processed by the ILL staff.
  • Awaiting Recalled Processing - It is currently awaiting recall from the library patron by the Borrowing staff and return processing.
  • Awaiting Request Processing - This requested item has been submitted by the library patron and, if necessary, has gone through the copyright clearance process. It is now ready to be searched and requested from potential lenders by ILL staff.
  • Awaiting Rush Processing - If you've indicated that you need your article/loan faster than the default "Not Wanted By" date, we will route your request to this status, letting ILL staff know it needs immediate attention.
  • Awaiting Unfilled Processing – The lending libraries tried thus far have been unable to supply the requested material. The request is awaiting the review of the ILL staff to be sent to other potential lenders.
  • Awaiting User Verification – ILL staff or potential lenders have questions about the request that need the library patron's input, for instance: citation clarification, format usability (microfilm okay?), language (Latin okay?), loan restrictions (in-library use only okay?), etc.
  • Cancelled By ILL Staff - This request has been cancelled by the ILL staff. Contact the ILL staff to discuss the reason for cancellation and what your options, if any, are at this point.
  • Checked Out to Customer - The requested item has arrived and has been processed by the ILL staff. Depending on your patron status, it is now available for pickup at the Sherrod Circulation desk, or has been shipped via USPS to Distance Education patrons. (If you have a request at this status and you do not have the book in your possession, it likely means that you need to go to the library to pick up your book.)
  • Customer Notified via E-Mail - The requested item has arrived, has been processed by the ILL staff, and the library patron has been notified of its availability via an E-Mail to his/her ETSU e-mail account.
  • Delivered to Web - The requested item has arrived, has been processed by the ILL staff, and has been posted to the requesting library patron's personal ILLiad page, where it may be viewed and/or downloaded electronically via Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Item Checked In - The item has been returned to the ILL office by the library patron and the item has been checked in. It is now ready for return processing.
  • Item Returned -The item has been returned to the lender.
  • Request Finished - The entire request process has been completed successfully.
  • Request In Processing - This request is being processed at this moment.
  • Request Sent This request has been sent to potential lenders/providers and the ILL staff is waiting for the item to be shipped by a lender/provider.