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Collections on specific subjects, in distinct formats, and that may require staff-mediated access.


Media collections include audio and video recordings on CD and DVD and streaming online resources.

Access and Use

  • Media in all formats can be used in the library by current ETSU students, faculty, and staff and Library Guest cardholders.
  • Online access outside the library is limited to current ETSU.faculty, staff, students, and faculty emeriti.
  • CDs and DVDs can be borrowed by anyone with a valid ETSU ID or library borrower's card (Library Guest, TALC, Reciprocal Borrower).

Dr. Flora Joy Storytelling Media Collection

Storytelling recordings and performances on CD and DVD collected and donated by Dr. Flora Joy are available in the Information Commons.

Storytelling CDs are arranged by Library of Congress call number in CD cabinets located in the corner near the Black Box DVD dispensers.

Storytelling DVDs are shelved with the main DVD collection.


  • The DVD collection is in the Information Commons.
  • Cases are arranged by Library of Congress call number on shelves along the wall around the corner past the ITS Help Desk.
  • You will need the DVD case(s) to get the disk(s) out of the Black Box dispenser and borrow it. 

Borrow DVDs Using the Black Box

You need your ETSU ID or Sherrod Library borrower's card with the barcode on it.

  • Take the case(s) to the BlackBox.
  • Look at the call number on your DVD to see if it's in the Gold or Blue dispenser and use the kiosk for that dispenser. Follow the instructions on the kiosk. The basic steps are
  1. Scan your ID.
  2. Scan the barcode on the DVD case. The kiosk will tell you which slot the disk will be dispensed from.
  3. Watch for the disk, take it out of the slot, and put it in the case.
  4. Scan the next barcode or, if you're finished,  press the "Done" button on the kiosk.
  5. Your receipt for the transaction will be emailed to you.

Borrow books and CDs at the BlackBox too.

The only things you can't borrow here are course reserves, reference books, periodicals, and VHS tapes.

Music CDs

Music recordings on CD and online, and scores in print and online, support programs in classical and jazz music performance and music education. CD recordings of bluegrass music and sound recordings in a variety of formats in the Archives of Appalachia support the program in Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music.

Sherrod Library Music CDs are available in the Information Commons, arranged by Library of Congress call number in CD cabinets located near the lab computers.

Consult the Subject Guide for Music to start your research.

Anatomy Models

  • ‚ÄčLocated in Room 156, behind the Ask Us desk on the first floor.
  • Available for ETSU students, faculty, and staff.
  • In-library use only.
  • Self-service.
  • Tables and chairs are available for individuals or groups to use the models in the room.

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