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Archives of Appalachia-Subject Guides: Appalachian Collections


Appalachia is home to countless local and regional organizations that have sought--and continue to seek--social justice and a better life for inhabitants of the region.

Bumpass Cove-Embreeville

Records (1971-81) relate to the work of the Bumpass Cove Citizens Group against hazardous waster dumping in the community, which straddles Washington and Unicoi counties, Tenn. Included are articles of incorporation, by-laws, correspondence, reports, and newspaper clippings.

Coal Employment Project

Contains records of an organization active in support of women employed in coal mining. Relates to such issues as mine safety, miners' health, sexual discrimination and harassment, and the training of women miners.

Congress for Appalachian Development

Organized in 1966, the group's purpose was "to restore self-government and natural resources of the region for the common benefit of all the people" of the region. Included are materials related to such issues as Appalachian economic development, public utilities and rural electrification, pollution and reclamation, land use, and mining safety.

Council on Appalachian Women

Council created in 1976 to promote education for women and research on women's needs. The collection includes correspondence, minutes, position papers, financial statements, grant proposals, publications, newspaper clippings, photographs, and audiotapes related to the council's work. Such topics as abortion, child development, conjugal violence, and economic development are covered.

Federation of Communities in Service

Consists of bylaws, minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and research files that document the history of FOCIS and affiliated service organizations. Research and photographic files were used in the publication of Mountain Sisters: from convent to community in Appalachia by Helen M. Lewis and Monica Appleby.

Human Economic Appalachian Development Corporation

Organized as a coalition of church-related self-help groups in central Kentucky in 1974, the corporation's goal was to reverse poverty and outmigration from the region by promoting community-based economic and housing development. Papers reflect activities from 1974-79 and include charter of incorporation, by-laws, newsletters, and photographs.

Jonesboro Woman's Christian Temperance Union

Consists of a ledger containing the group's minutes (1895-99) and newspaper clippings.

Maxine Kenny

This collection documents Kenny's involvement in environmental issues. Includes material on radio programs produced by Kenney: "Down to Earth," "Dunganon," and "A Time to Reap."

Model Valley Economic Development Corporation

Organized in 1970, the non profit corporation sought to improve economic conditions and promote social services in the Clear Fork Valley of Tennessee. Materials include organizational documents, newspaper clippings, other printed matter, and photographs.

Franklin Parker

This collection documents the life of Myles Horton and his activities at the Highlander Research and Education Center. Includes articles, newspaper clippings, publications, and correspondence.

June M. Rostan

Contains correspondence, recordings, photographs, scrapbooks, and other material documenting Rostan's involvement with the Coal Employment Project, other grassroots organizations, and her union-organizing activities.

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

Contains information on the Conservancy's formation. Also, reports and papers relating to Big Yellow Mountain and Roan Mountain.

Southern Empowerment Project

Documents the activities of the Southern Empowerment Project, an organization made up of regional self-help groups, including the Community Farm Alliance, Charlotte Organizing Committee, and Save our Cumberland Mountains.

Tennessee Against Chemical Hazards

Consists of subject and geographical files of the non-profit organization concerned with chemical hazards in the environment. Topics covered include the Clinch River Breeder Reactor, Bumpass Cove waste disposal, and the Sullivan County Concerned Citizens group.

Tennessee Hunger Coalition

Consists of records from the Kingsport location, 1978-96. Includes material on hunger, healthcare, nutrition, community development, and women's issues. Also includes information on grassroots organization that networked with the Coalition.

Urban Appalachian Council

Formed in 1974, the council sought to increase programs for Appalachian migrants, especially in Cincinnati. Materials include publications, reports, and other printed matter related to issues involving migrants from Appalachia living in urban settings.

The Archives of Appalachia holds several collections that represent African Americans' history and influence in the region.

Mary Adeline Henderson Alexander Papers

The Mary Adeline Henderson Alexander papers document African American history in Johnson City, Tennessee, and greater Washington County. The collection features materials pertaining to African American churches including Bethel Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Thankful Baptist Church, and St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; materials pertaining to schools, such as Langston School, its principal J. Neil Armstrong, Dunbar School, and Warner Institute; and community organizations Mary Alexander was involved with, such as the Historic African American Site Preservation Society (HASP), which would later become Langston Heritage Group. In addition, the collection features materials pertaining to the activities of Mary Alexander as they relate to her deep interests in the community, such as her campaign for County Commissioner of Washington County in 2002; historic preservation and placement of historical markers; research files that form the basis for her 2001 Master of Arts in History thesis (see below), "Black Life in Johnson City, Tennessee, 1856-1965: A Historical Chronology."

Mary H. Alexander- "Black Life in Johnson City, Tennessee, 1856-1965: A Historical Chronology."

This work is a comprehensive study of local African American history, forming a touchstone for scholars in the region and beyond, and filling a gap in the available scholarly literature. Her work is informed by ethnographic interviews, as well as her close involvement with the Historic African American Site Preservation Society (HASP), now known as the Langston Heritage Group. "Black Life in Johnson City, Tennessee, 1856-1965: A Historical Chronology" is the seminal work of local African American history and is essential reading for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the development of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Ophelia C. Daniels “Formative Years of Johnson City, Tennessee, 1885-1890: A Social History,”

A general history of Johnson City during the last two decades of the nineteenth century. The chapter entitled “Social and Cultural Activities” is noteworthy for its emphasis on the strides that African Americans in the city made during this time period.

Harold G. Handy-"The Langston School Experience: The Black Community."

Harold G. Handy completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies Education at Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, after which he received a Master’s Degree from East Tennessee State University in history. As partial fulfillment of this degree, he published a series of articles on local history and archival topics and worked as a graduate assistant in ETSU’s Archives of Appalachia. One of his articles, "The Langston School Experience: The Black Community," provides a history of public school in Johnson City for Black residents from the 19th century through desegregation, with an emphasis on the integration of Johnson City public schools from 1961-1965. His work complements the chapter from Mary Alexander’s thesis entitled “Educational Strivings in the Black Community in Johnson City, 1870-1965.”

Langston Heritage Group Collection

The Langston Heritage Group Collection chronicles African American history in Johnson City, Tennessee, and greater Washington County. It features materials pertaining to African American churches including Bethel Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, Thankful Baptist Church, and St. Paul African Episcopal Zion Church; materials pertaining to schools, such as Langston School and Dunbar School; and community organizations, including Prospect Lodge No. 54 of the Prince Hall Freemasonry fraternity, Pony/Colt League, Progress-Together (Pro-To) Club, Pro-To-Ettes, and the Washington County Commission on Alcohol and Drugs (C.A.D.A). Additionally, along with materials related to the West Lawn Cemetery Board of Trustees, photocopies of plats of the cemetery are included.

The tie between the Appalachian and the land is enduring and deep. Materials on farming and farm life, as well as agriculture's impact on the region, are available in the Archives.

Brabson Family

Includes day books and ledgers regarding agricultural activity and the operation of a rural general store (1860s-70s), as well as land transactions in Washington Co., Tenn.

Broadside Television

Includes the videotape documentary "Hard Row to Hoe" about the changing farm situation in East Tennessee, as well as footage on tobacco growing and harvesting, food cooperatives, the effects of strip mining on farming, soil, nutrition and food preparation, hog killing, the Appalachian District Fair, and the Telford, Tenn., cannery.

Congress for Appalachian Development

Includes government reports on agriculture in Appalachia, as well as material related to the Farmers Home Administration, terraced farming, government farm programs, food programs, crops, and the environment.

David Diehl

Contains an account book (1850-82) recording Diehl's activities as a farmer and cooper in the Pleasant Valley community of Washington Co., Tenn.

Charles Gunter, Jr.

Includes recorded interviews of individuals discussing such topics as farm life in Hawkins Co., Tenn., the making of lye soap, farming techniques and equipment, food preparation and canning, horse-trading, making molasses and maple syrup, hog killing, milling, and the Knoxville, Tenn. farmer's market.

Frederick S. Heiskell

Includes material on the pedigrees of farm animals, farm prices and clippings on agricultural topics in the mid-19th century, and a report on agricultural production in East Tennessee (1857).

Human Economic Appalachian Development Corporation

Papers include material on small farms in Appalachia.

John A. Jones Almanacs

Consists of 93 almanacs (1849-1920) published by a variety of American companies. Topics in almanacs include farming, planting by the signs, health, medicine, folklore, and the weather.

Lewis Family

Includes an account book (1890-95) of the Lewis family store in the Stoney Creek community of Carter Co., Tenn., which contains a listing of accounts for members of the community's Farmers and Laborers Union.

William Henley Nelson Family

Includes business correspondence documenting Nelson's activities as a farmer in Carter Co., Tenn., in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as photographs of the Nelson family farm.

Robert Peplies

Includes lectures, course work, soil surveys, and maps related to such topics as barn types, soil structures, topography, drainage, climate, and vegetation.

Robert M. Shank

Includes Shank's farm account book (1899-1949) documenting his activities as a farmer in Sullivan Co., Tenn., including the purchase and sale of agricultural products.

Stories on the Land

This oral history collection consists of interviews relating to the Rural Resources Stories on the Land Project, Greene County, Tenn. It documents community life, history, social and economic change.

Tobacco Warehouse

Consists of receipts and checks for the sale of tobacco in Johnson City, Tenn., 1929-40. Represented are the Central Tobacco Warehouse, Cozart & Foxworth Tobacco Warehouse, and Farmers & Merchants Warehouse.

The people of Appalachia are known for their arts and crafts. Born of necessity, handiwork reflects a love of the past as well as a desire to preserve traditional arts and crafts for future generations.

Appalachian Council for the Arts

This collection documents the activities of an arts organization that promotes the arts in upper East Tennessee and southwest Virginia.

Broadside Television

Includes videotape recordings related to such topics as apple-butter making, basketry, broom making, craft festivals, the Foxfire program, musical instrument making, quilt-making, sled making, toy making, weaving, and woodcraft.

Helen Bullard

An Appalachian artist, Bullard's collection documents her artistic activities and her research for the book Crafts and Craftsmen of the Tennessee Mountains. Material relates to such crafts as doll making, folk art, jewelry making, pottery, textile decoration, weaving, and woodcarving. Collection is a microfilmed copy of the Bullard materials at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Beverly Burbage

This collection documents the life and artistic work of Charles F. Decker and the pottery he produced in Washington County, Tenn.  The collection is the result of Burbage's research on Decker and his family.

Thomas G. Burton

Includes manuscript material, photographs, audio and video recordings related to such subjects as blacksmithing, clothes making, doll making, dulcimer making, food preservation, Iron Mountain stoneware, log cabin construction, molasses making, quilting and quilting bees, wine making, and woodworking. Restriction: Recordings may not be duplicated without the written permission of the donor.

Burton-Manning Collection

This extensive folklore collection includes recordings of Appalachian residents explaining various handicraft work and early crafts such as coopering, log cabin construction, weaving, the making of clothes, furniture, folk toys, and musical instruments. Restriction: Recordings may not be duplicated without the permission of the donor.

Charles R. Gunter, Jr.

Collection Includes audio recordings of Appalachian residents explaining such topics as dulcimer making, early food preparation, lye soap making, maple syrup and molasses making, roof shingling, and woodworking.

Joe Jennings

Includes files on Cherokee crafts in the twentieth century.

Johnson City Press News-clippings

Includes clippings on the arts, the Arts Council of Johnson City, and the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Kenneth Maynard Murray

Includes photographs Murray took in the region of craftsmen and women involved in such activities as blacksmithing, coopering, handicrafts, molasses making, quilting, and various farm work. Restriction: Photographs may not be published without the permission of Kenneth Murray.

David Larry Nave

Includes manuscript material, slides, and video recordings of area residents discussing or demonstrating such activities as bee keeping, food preparation, herb gathering, quilting, and toy making.

Sing Along with Appalachia

Collection consists of photographic prints and negatives focusing on aspects of life in the southern mountains, especially in that area now a part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Many of the images show life there in the 1930's. Subjects examined include blacksmithing, carding wool, coopering, food preparation and storage, molasses making, quilting, rifle making, soap making, tanning leather, yarn weaving, and woodworking. Restriction: Photographs may not be published without the permission of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The records of businesses reflect the day-to-day lives of the region's inhabitants. Archival collections include the records of flour mills, general stores, hotels, and a variety of family businesses.

Brabson Family

Includes daybooks and ledgers of Alexander Brabson, account books from Barkley's store in Washington Co., Tenn., and accounts of freedmen in Cedar Grove, Washington Co., Tenn.

Broylesville Flour Mill

Contains ledgers, receipt books, a day book, price lists, order forms, and an advertisement documenting the operation of this Washington Co., Tenn. mill between 1912-52.

Jacob Cameron Store

Contains an account ledger and day book (1834-62) of the Cameron store which operated in Elizabethton, Tenn. Information includes customer's names, date and amount of transactions, and items purchased.

Cass Family Business

Included are financial records, correspondence, and advertising materials related to the East Tennessee Medicine Company and the Ferguson Drug Company (1891-1925) which operated in Johnson City, Tenn.

Cox-Painter-Adams Family

This collection includes many turn-of-the-20th-century sales receipts and communications from merchants to Thad Cox, a tax attorney and builder of The Oaks Estate in Johnson City, Tenn.

Finley P. Curtis, Sr.

Contains daybooks and account books of Curtis and his partner, David J. Farthing, for their business activities (1888-1921) involving a Carter Co., Tenn. store, mining, sawmill, bark trading, and poultry enterprises.

David Diehl

Contains an account book (1850-82) recording Diehl's business as a cooper and Washington Co., Tenn. farmer.

East Tennessee Light & Power Company

Extensive collection (116 linear feet) of financial records dating from 1920-40. Also includes records of companies such as Johnson City Traction and Bristol Gas & Electric that were bought out by ET&LPC.

Frederick S. Heiskell

Includes correspondence, financial records, and clippings of this prominent 19th century East Tennessee businessman and politician related to such topics as agricultural production, railroads and transportation, livestock trade, and the newspaper business.

William C. Hicks

Contains personal and business correspondence, receipts, accounting ledgers, and a cash book documenting Hicks' business activities (1894-1927). Included are material related to his ownership of the "Midget" Roller Flour and Corn Meal Company of Morristown, Tenn. and the Virginia Rural Retreat Water Mills, Rural Retreat, Va.

J. W. Hunter and Brother General Store

The ledger of this Johnson City, Tenn. store consists of entries detailing customer purchases in 1886-87 .

Johnson City-Jonesborough-Washington Co. Economic Development Board

Consists of 8 scrapbooks of newspaper articles that document the activities of the Board to promote local economic, commercial, and industrial development, 1965-95.

Lewis Family

Includes an account book (1890-95) for the Lewis family store in the Stoney Creek community of Carter Co., Tenn.

Miller Family

Papers of this prominent Johnson City, Tenn. family include material related to the Miller Brothers Company and the building of the Central Tobacco Warehouse.

Robert M. Shank

Includes Shank's account book (1899-c. 1949) related to business activities in Sullivan Co., Tenn., including the purchase and sale of agricultural products.

The Archives holds records that document the Civil War era in Appalachia. Included are narratives, diaries, correspondence, and reminiscences relating to the military and life on the home front.

Bowman Family

This collection of family papers includes letters from Confederate soldiers Alfred and Richard Bowman serving at Vicksburg, Miss. (1863) to family members in Washington County, Tenn. The letters provide a vivid picture of camp life and military activity around Vicksburg. Alfred died there of fever in 1863. Richard was captured at Vicksburg and did not return home until 1865.


Primarily a folklore collection, it includes recorded discussions of the impact of the Civil War on the southern Appalachian region, as well as renditions of Civil War era songs.

Col. John H. Crawford

Includes correspondence concerning the recruitment and organization of the Sixtieth Tennessee Infantry (Confederate), mustered in at Jonesborough, Tenn., as well as letters and a petition to President Jefferson Davis related to Crawford's commission in Confederate service.

Fannie A. Fain

Includes a photocopy of a handwritten diary (1863-1865) kept by Fain, of Blountville, Tenn. The diaries offer comment on life on the home front in East Tennessee, including accounts of General James Longstreet's occupation of the area around Zollicoffer [Bluff City], Tenn., on area bushwhackers, on losing a brother during the war, and on other wartime hardships.

Mary L. Pearre Hamilton

Includes photocopies of a diary of Mary L. Pearre (1863-64); of letters from John Hall Hamilton (who served in the Confederate 7th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry) to his fianc Mary L. Pearre; and of notes and commentary added by their son, Joshua Pearre Hamilton in later life. The diary entries contain comments on life in Middle Tennessee during the war with Pearre's analysis of political and military events. Hamilton's letters describe life in the military camps and in combat. Hamilton was captured during Pickett's charge at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. He and Mary Pearre were married in 1865 in Williamson County, Tenn.

Frederick Heiskell

Includes Civil War era letters from Heiskell, a Knoxville, Tenn. politician and newspaperman, to politicians such as John Bell, as well as news-clippings which relate to the war and papers concerning Civil War claims. Also included are photocopied letters from Heiskell's daughter to her husband, a Confederate soldier.

Theodore A. Honour

Consists primarily of photocopies of Civil War letters (1862-65). Honour, a native of Charleston, S. C., wrote to his wife and other family members reflecting on the war and Confederate military and civilian life. There are also news-clippings on Honour's unit (the Washington Light Infantry), a muster roll of the unit, and other letters written by family members during the war.

William Hopper

Includes a letter and photocopies of discharge papers documenting some of Hopper's service in the federal 24th Iowa Infantry during the war. The letter, sent by Hopper while stationed in Helena, Ark., to his wife in Iowa reflects the feeling of discontent among the troops and examines war issues from a soldier's perspective.

Nat E. Hyder

Papers include a photo of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry (1911) and claims made by Carter County, Tenn. citizens against the federal government for supplies used by Union troops.

Abraham Jobe

This memoir documents Jobe's youth, his medical and surgical practice in western N.C. and northeast Tenn., and his Civil War experiences.  It was edited by David C. Hsiung and published in 2009 under the title A Mountaineer in Motion.

James W. McKee

Consists of typed transcripts of diaries kept by two Confederate soldiers, Finley Patterson Curtis and Rufus A. Spainhour, both of Wilkes County, N. C. The men served with the First and Second North Carolina Regiments in the Virginia theater of war. The Curtis diary is a detailed account of his service from 1861-64. Spainhour's diary covers such notable events as Gettysburg, the siege of Washington, and the surrender at Appomattox, as well as sober reflections on the realities of war.

William Henley Nelson Family

A native of Washington County, Tenn., Nelson served in the 10th Tennessee Infantry and the 5th Tennessee Cavalry, both federal units. The papers document Nelson's military service and include military certificates and commissions, photocopies of his military service records, correspondence related to his military pension, and a muster roll for Company L, 5th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry (1865).

William Sullivan

Sullivan, a native of North Carolina and later resident of Bristol, Tenn., served in the 57th North Carolina Regiment. This Confederate unit saw action in Maryland and Virginia. The collection includes an 1864 letter written by Sullivan from a camp near Fredricksburg, Va., which describes his attitude towards the war.

Tennessee Civil War Centennial Commission

The records of the commission established to commemorate the Civil War centennial include information on the activities of the centennial commission and on Civil War veterans and activities. It includes news-clippings on the deaths of war veterans in East Tennessee, a list of Confederate units from Washington County, Tenn., a chronology of battles and war events, informational bulletins and publications, as well as correspondence related to the commission's work.

Andrew Jackson Williams

Born on a farm in Polk County, Tenn. in 1846, Williams served with the Confederate 62nd Tennessee Infantry and participated in "scouts and raids" against federal troops in the Chattanooga area during 1863-64. He later saw action in Georgia with the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry. The papers include a photocopy of Williams' 60 page reminiscence (written in 1908-09) of his Civil War service for the Confederacy.

Nathaniel Taylor Winston

A Bristol, Tenn. native, Winston was a prominent East Tennessee businessman and collector of historical materials. The collection includes a copy of General Robert E. Lee's last order to the Army of Northern Virginia, 1865.

Coal and coal mining -- a mixture of exploitation and economic benefit, pollution and reclamation, decline and renewal -- has a rich and complex history. Materials for the research of this history may be abundantly "mined" in the Archives.


Includes audio recordings of coal mining and labor union songs.

Broadside Television

Videotape recordings include reminiscences of union struggles in the eastern Kentucky coalfields in the 1930s, modern coal mining, strip mining (including in Germany), labor unions, the Brookside (Ky.) strike, the Hyden mine disaster, mining music, and a miner's protest in Washington, D. C. in the 1970s.


Includes audio recordings of coal mining and labor union songs.

Bernard H. Cantor

Includes papers related to Cantor's work as a labor lawyer as well as an arbitrator between the United Mine Workers of America and the Bituminous Coal Operators' Association.

Coal Employment Project

Extensive records relating to women employed in the coal mining industry (1977-91) include such topics as mine safety, health issues, sexual discrimination and harassment, the Pittston Coal Company strike (1989-90), and the training of women miners.

Congress for Appalachian Development

Materials relate to such topics as Appalachian economic development, coal and coal mining, absentee land ownership, land use, strip mining and the reclamation of mined areas, miner protests, coal power, the coal tax issue, pollution, and coal company profits and taxes.

Cumberland Mountain Media Project

Consists of 51 video recordings of retired coal miners who lived and worked in Anderson, Campbell, and Claiborne counties from the 1930s through the 1960s. Topics include mining methods, working conditions, mine safety, wages, and community life.

Charles Gunter, Jr.

Includes audio recorded interviews discussing coal mining (modern and historically), strip mining, reclamation of land, the miner's life, mining accidents and safety, mining on the Cumberland Plateau, in southwest Virginia, and in West Virginia, and unions.

Paul J. Kaufman

Contains statements given before Congress and the Federal Power Commission regarding coal mining, Appalachian economic conditions, and Congress for Appalachian Development v. Appalachian Power Company.

Carl B. Knight

Consists primarily of correspondence and reports relating to Knight's work as a director of the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway (1972-83), some of which concerns the topics of coal mining and coal gasification, especially a plant at Dungannon, Va.

Marat Moore

Consists of audio recordings and transcriptions of interviews Moore conducted with women coal miners (1980-86) as well as some photographs of women miners.

Pittston Coal Company Strike

Consists of videotape footage of strike activities in southwest Virginia in 1989 taken by WKPT-TV, Kingsport, Tenn.

Jeanne M. Rasmussen

Includes photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, and miscellaneous printed matter related to coal mining and miners, coal camps and coal communities, mine health and safety, black lung disease strikes, strip mining, the Buffalo Creek, W. Va. flood, the United Mine Workers of America, and Joseph A. Yablonski.

Cecil Rose

Includes writings, clippings, and photographs on various Appalachian topics, including coal and coal mining, strikes, and the "Matewan Massacre."

June M. Rostan

Includes correspondence, scrapbooks, and clippings relating to Rostan's work with the Coal Employment Project, with women coal miners, and union organizing.

The Archives' folklife collections examine such topics as social customs, religious beliefs, foodways, home remedies, storytelling, and many other aspects of life in the Appalachian region.

Appalachian-Scottish Studies

Includes materials relating to Scottish folklore, Appalachian and Scottish folk music, folk dance, Jack tales and storytelling from presentations, lectures, and course work as part of the studies program.


Nearly 600 recordings of folk music and culture, including spirituals, folk tunes, sermons, bawdy and political songs gathered between the 1930's-1950's.

Broadside Television

Collection includes videotape documentaries on a variety of Appalachian topics, including regional politics, environmental issues, economic development, traditional arts and crafts, and religion.

Thomas G. Burton

Contains personal papers, photographs, and audio/video tapes related to serpent-handling, Jack tales, folk music and medicine, food preservation, and storytelling.


Consists of nearly 400 audio and/or video recordings related to the folklore and culture of the region, including folk music, religious worship, storytelling, and oral narratives of family and Appalachian history.

Dante History Project

Documents community life and traditions of  Dante, Va. Includes oral interviews and images collected by members of the community.

Documenting Community Traditions

Documents life in Vardy, Hancock Co., Tenn. The oral interviews, photographs, and printed material were collected by ETSU students for a class on documenting the history and culture of a community.

Charles R. Gunter, Jr.

Consists of audio recordings of interviews conducted with residents of the region regarding such topics as midwifery, farming, musical instrument making, and horse trading.

Joseph Sargent Hall

Includes Hall's research on the life and language of the people of the Great Smoky Mountains. Hall documents folk beliefs, folk remedies, storytelling, music, and dialect. Includes field notebooks and recordings.

John A. Jones

Consists of nearly 100 almanacs (1849-1929) produced by a variety of companies and touching on such topics as farming, health, patent medicines, and literature.

Barbara McDermitt

Consists of audio recordings of McDermitt field trips with storytellers Frank Proffitt, Jr., Hattie Presnell, Ray and Stanley Hicks, reports of the trips, and photographs of tellers.

Michael Montgomery

Consists of taped interviews of residents of White Pine, Tenn., 1977-78.  While a number of local topics are discussed, Montgomery's research interests are speech inflection, pattern, and usage.

David Larry Nave

Consists of video recordings, manuscripts, and slides depicting Appalachian residents demonstrating toy making, quilting, and old-time country music.

Ron D. Vance and Barbara H. Wicksham

Documents life in the highlands of East Tennessee and western North Carolina. Includes audio recordings, transcripts, and subject files compiled during the making of " History of the Highlands According to the People Who Lived It."

The Archives documents the story of work and labor in the region. What results is not the story of common or ordinary people, but rather the story of extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances.

Broadside Television

Includes video-recorded programs on such topics as Appalachian economic conditions, coal mining, craft work, farming, foundry work, labor migration, strikes and lockouts, and trade unions.

Bernard H. Cantor

Collection of Johnson City, Tenn. attorney and labor arbitrator includes records of arbitration awards (1959-78), Arbitration Review Board decisions (1975-78), labor contracts (1967-78). Many companies and unions are included, especially the United Mine Workers of America and the Bituminous Coal Operators' Association.

Communication Workers of America, East Tennessee Office

Includes minutes, correspondence, reports, grievance case files, pamphlets and posters related to the union's activities (1959-79).

First Tennessee-Virginia Development District

Records of this association of local governments examine such issues as regional economic conditions and development, labor, and occupational training.

Buford Goldstein

Includes payroll ledger, 1926-33, from American Bemberg Co. in Elizabethton, Tenn.  Also, correspondence, reports, and prospectuses relating to American Bemberg.

Charles Gunter, Jr.

Includes oral history recordings regarding agriculture, Appalachian economic conditions, coal mining, farm life, logging, railroading, trade unions, and the woodworking industry.

International Woodworkers of America, Local 5-313

Includes records (1963-79) of contracts, negotiations, litigation, local and national union publications, minutes, correspondence, financial records, local membership records, and news clippings.

Johnson City Foundry and Machine Works

Records of this major Johnson City, Tenn. industry include material on labor relations, trade unions, industrial accidents, company employees, and the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers, Local 727.

Kingsport Press Strike

Includes correspondence, reports, pamphlets, articles, news-clippings, speeches, audio recordings, broadsides, and memorabilia documenting events surrounding the strike at Kingsport Press, 1961-67.

Dale K. Larkin

Includes correspondence, financial documents, publications, news-clippings, and memorabilia related (1959-85) to the Communications Workers of America, its Local 10871, the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL- CIO), United Inter-Mountain Telephone Company, the Upper East Tennessee Central Labor Council, and collective bargaining.

Magnet Mills

The records (1916-70) of this Clinton, Tenn. hosiery mill include material related to labor relations, contract negotiations and agreements, personnel records, grievances and grievance arbitration, insurance records, publications, and news clippings.

Marat Moore

Includes audio recordings, transcriptions, and photographs of Moore's interviews (1980-86) with women coal miners. Topics discussed include mining, collective bargaining, strikes and lockouts, sexual harassment, and reminiscences of the "Ludlow (Colo.) Massacre" (1914) and the 1973-74 Brookside Mine strike in Harlan County, Ky.

Helen Raulston

Films and interviews from the spring 1929 strikes at the American Bemberg and American Glanzstoff rayon plants in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

June Rostan

Includes manuscript material, audio recordings, and photographs related to the Coal Employment Project, Southern Empowerment Project, coal mining, the Appalachian Alliance, Highlander Research and Education Center, the 1980 Memphis Furniture Strike, the Tennessee Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, and the United Furniture Workers of America.

Sullivan, Hawkins, Hancock Central Labor Council

Includes correspondence, newsletters and other publications, pamphlets, brochures, news clippings, minutes, constitution and by-laws.

In a sense, all history is local. The Archives documents nearby history, telling the story of the individual, the family, the community, as well as the region.

John Biggs Alderman

The "Pat" Alderman papers contain material related to Alderman's researches into local history on such topics as early East Tennessee, the Cherokees, genealogy, Unicoi County, Tenn., pioneer life, conservation, and natural history. Included are clippings, notes, typescripts of books and articles, photographs, drawings, and audio recordings.

John Fain Anderson

This collection of scrapbooks includes material (1861-1925) on East Tennessee history, politics and government, and prominent figures like Andrew Johnson, the Brownlows, the Taylors, T. A. R. Nelson, and Andrew Jackson.

Bumpass Cove-Embreeville

The collection presents an example of how specific topics in local history can be examined- in this case, questions on the environment and pollution in the controversial debate over a landfill in the Bumpass Cove-Embreeville area of Washington County, Tenn. in the 1970s. Consists of material relating to this issue and the Bumpass Cove Citizens Group, formed to seek closure of the landfill operation.

Embree Family

Consists of articles, family history, and correspondence (1780-87) by or about members of this prominent early East Tennessee family of Quaker industrialists. In addition to family information, the material touches on such subjects as the Society of Friends, the abolitionist movement of which the Embree's were leaders, newspaper publishing, and Washington County, Tenn. history.

Faw Family

An example of the many family-related collections in the archives, these papers focus on the Faw family of Washington County, Tenn. during the years 1830-1974 and includes correspondence among family members, land transactions, wills of family members, and Faw genealogy. Material on the related DeVault family (of the DeVault Tavern) is included.

Holston Methodist Conference

This collection provides an example of numerous church and denominational records available to researchers. Consists of minutes of the annual Holston Conference of the Methodist Church (1833-40), as well as published pamphlets dealing with the Methodist faith, and the magazine Monthly Miscellany.

Johnson City Foundry and Machine Works

Founded in 1883, this major steel and aluminum fabricator played an important part in the early industrial development of the region. Consists of company documents related to operations from 1902-83 and includes ledgers, journals, shop orders, purchase invoices, pamphlets, correspondence, office files, union contracts, board minutes, photographs, and other company records. It is an example of the many collections of area businesses and industries available for research.

Johnson City Press

Collection consists of newspaper articles clipped from the Johnson City Press (and its forerunners) between 1936-87. It covers all aspects of life in the region as reported in the local newspaper.


City of Johnson City

An extensive collection of municipal documents. Material includes administrative and judicial records of the city from c. 1890. Material would be useful for the study of city government, politics, taxation, street, school, and other construction projects, city planning, municipal finance, education, judicial procedures, and city history.

Jonesboro Women's Christian Temperance Union

An example of the many social and civic organizations for which records are available, the WCTU collection consists of early records related to this Jonesboro temperance group and includes a ledger containing the organization's original constitution, newspaper clippings, and minutes (1895-99).

Shelby Family

Consists of historical material related to this prominent early Tennessee family and includes information on Evan Shelby, Jr., his son John, brothers Moses and John Shelby, and nephews, Moses, Jr. and John, Jr.


Washington County (Tenn.) Historic Structures Survey

Consists of survey forms, photocopies of selected photographs, computer disks, and newspaper clippings related to information gathered between 1983-86 on historic homes and buildings in Tennessee's oldest county. Information includes name and address of current property owner, date of construction, construction details, building plan, and architectural style. Over 5,000 pre- 1931 structures were identified.

Watauga Historical Association

Consists of historical documents gathered by the association related to the history of Carter County, Tenn. Material includes articles of agreement, bills of sale, bonds, declarations, judgments, juror lists, court minutes, petitions, oaths, orders, notices, writs, promissory notes, etc., 1796-1866.

Samuel Cole Williams

Judge, educator, and historian, Williams' papers here include a copy of manuscript notes taken from various sources for his work entitled "Early Emancipation Movement in Tennessee."

The lumber business is an important industry in southern Appalachia. Listed are materials especially useful in researching the lumber industry, logging, forests and forestry, and conservation of natural resources.

Robert Bell

Includes photographs pertaining to lumber operations in the Limestone Cove area of Washington and Unicoi Counties, Tenn.


This collection of folklore and oral history recordings includes audio recordings of individuals discussing logging practices and logging folk tales. Restriction: Recordings may only be duplicated with the permission of the donor.

Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railway

Extensive company records include material related to lumber companies and logging operations in the region for whom the railroad provided transportation.

George Evan Davis

Consists of company records of the George Evan Davis Lumber Company, Bristol, Va., which operated from 1903-55 and includes correspondence with customers, building contractors, lumber wholesalers, manufacturers, creditors, and suppliers; clippings; ledger (1905-09); notebook (1904-06); a history of Davis (1981).

ET&WNC Transportation Company

This extensive collection of company records includes material related to lumber companies and logging operations in the region for whom the railroad provided transportation.

Mr. & Mrs. G. O. Edwards

Contains photographs depicting the W. M. Ritter Lumber Company operations in various Appalachian locations, c. 1910s-40s, focusing on housing for workers, trains hauling logs, and loggers and officials of the lumber company.

Hassinger Lumber Company

Consists of a 70-minute video recording on the history of the company, including its operations in Va.

William Henley Nelson Family

This collection of local history and family papers includes photographs of Ripshin Mountain logging camp (Carter County, Tenn.), c. 1880.

Pike Hardwood Lumber Company

Established for the purpose of "buying, selling, and manufacturing of timber and lumber" products in eastern Kentucky, the collection consists of a ledger of this Pikeville, Ky.-based company, containing company constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes, lists of stockholders and directors, and miscellaneous expense accounts, c. 1905.

Charles C. Tiller

Contains photographs depicting logging operations and camp life at the W. H. Ritter Lumber Company camps, chiefly those in Dickenson County, Va. in the 1920s-30s.

Fred Waskiewicz

This collection documents operations of the Pittsburg Lumber Company, land and economic development in Carter Co., Tenn.

Whiting Lumber Company

This Maryland-based timber company operated saw mills and harvested timber in Avery and Watauga Counties, N. C. and in Johnson County, Tenn. from 1915 until filing for bankruptcy in 1933. Records cover the period 1928-33 and include correspondence, a copy of its' certificate of incorporation, purchase agreements, and a minute book of the board of directors.

In Appalachia, folk cures and patent medicines have remained popular. The Archives holds materials that document medicine and health, from first-hand accounts of illness and death to trusted recipes for remedies and cures.

Robert Bell

Includes a nineteenth century home remedy book of cures for various illnesses and injuries.

Broadside Television

Includes videotaped programs on early health care undertaken by women; gathering of herbs and ginseng for medicinal uses; the symptoms and treatment of high blood pressure; health screening programs for senior citizens; mental health problems and services in the region; water quality and other health issues related to the Bumpass Cove (Tenn.) landfill controversy of the 1970s; and interviews with midwives.

Bumpass Cove-Embreeville

Includes material on health issues related to environmental pollution involving a landfill operation in the Bumpass Cove-Embreeville, Tenn. area in the 1970s.

Thomas G. Burton

Includes transcripts and oral interviews of individuals discussing folk medicine and herbal remedies.


This folklore collection includes recordings of Appalachian residents discussing such topics as childbirth and midwives, folk medicine, herb gathering, early physicians, superstitions, and other health issues.

Cass Family Business

Includes records of East Tennessee Medicine Company, a proprietary company founded by Dr. Marie Hendrick Phillip Panhorst in Jonesborough, Tenn. in 1890 and purchased in 1901 by the Cass family of Johnson City, Tenn. Records cover 1891-1925 and include financial papers, correspondence, and advertising materials. Also included are records related to the Ferguson Drug Company, a drug store which operated in Johnson City, also partially owned by the Cass family.

Congress for Appalachian Development

Includes correspondence, reports, articles, and other material related to various aspects of health and health care in Appalachia, including coal industry pollution concerns, cybernetics, black lung disease, and mine health and safety.

Council of Nursing of Upper East Tennessee

The council's goals have been to provide continuing education for area nurses and to foster continuity in nursing care in East Tennessee. The collection includes financial records, correspondence, publications, and other organizational material and relates to such topics as diabetes control, drug therapy, stroke rehabilitation, and the Mid-South Regional Medical Program.

Council on Appalachian Women

Includes correspondence, reports, research files, photographs, and other material related to such topics as abortion, domestic violence, child care, infant mortality, and other health issues, especially as these relate to women in Appalachia.

Edward G. DeVault Family

Includes a physician's 1881 notebook that documents late 19th century medical practices.

Dr. and Mrs. A.S.N. Dobson

Edited autobiography that contains information on Dobson's career as a medical doctor in the Broylesville, Tenn., region in the mid-to-late 19th century.

Charles Gunter, Jr.

This collection of audio recordings includes discussions of such health-related topics as early area physicians, the practice of medicine, and midwifery.

Hilton's Folk Medicine Survey

Consists of a survey on self treatment and home remedies along with oral interviews of individuals from Hiltons, Va. Served as the basis for Anthony P. Cavender's book Folk Medicine in southern Appalachia.

Nat E. Hyder

Includes account books documenting Hyder's career as a Carter Co., Tenn. doctor between 1874-1900. The books include patient names, dates, type of service rendered, fees, and method of payment

Abraham Jobe

This memoir documents Jobe's youth, his medical and surgical practice in western N.C. and northeast Tenn., and his Civil War experiences. It was edited by David C. Hsiung and published in 2009 under the title A mountaineer in motion.

John A. Jones

Consists of 93 almanacs published between 1849-1929 by various companies, primarily patent medicine firms. Almanacs include information on health, medicine, and the advertising of medicines.

The southern Appalachian mountains were home to the Cherokee, who flourished in the region and numbered in the thousands during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The Archives house several collections that pertain to the indigenous cultures of our region.

Appalachian-Scottish and Irish Studies Collection

The Appalachian-Scottish & Irish Studies Collection focuses on the various components of the academic studies program examining the history and culture of Appalachia, Scotland, Ireland, and the interrelationships of the three locales. Materials document course work, lectures, field trips, student papers or projects, notes, schedules, and other aspects of the program. Documentation is found in manuscript records, audio and video recordings, and photographs. The material provides insight on such subjects as folklore, storytelling and oral traditions, Appalachian and Gaelic language and literature, traditional music, migration patterns, and other aspects of Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish (including Ulster) history and culture.

Joe Jennings Bureau of Indian Affairs Records

The Joe Jennings Bureau of Indian Affairs Records document Jennings’ 26-year career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, during which time he occupied various positions with the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota, the Indian Reorganization Division, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, many pertaining to the education of Native American youth and adults. Materials in this collection include correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, press releases, circulars, photographs, maps, reports, and minutes.

Joe Jennings and Aubry Faulkner Jennings Papers

This collection includes personal correspondence, diaries, poems, essays and private writings, education, employment, and military records, household personal business records, genealogy material, photographs & negatives, and newspaper clippings. The collection documents the Jennings' activities primarily between 1917 and 1967.

Old Time Dance Conference Collection

The Old Time Dance Conference Collection consists of audio and video tapes of the 1989 and 1990 dance programs, together with additional tapes on different styles of dance, including Cherokee dance traditions. The last-mentioned tapes cover dances and dance festivals which were not part of the Old Time Dance Conference program but which were donated by participants on the 1989 program. Also included in the collection are two file folders which contain descriptive notes on the tapes.

Politics, in its many forms, provides researchers with a wealth of topics to study at the national, state, and local levels. The following is a sampling of resources available in the Archives.

John Fain Anderson

This collection of scrapbooks includes material (1861-1925) on East Tennessee politics and government, the Republican Party, and individual politicians such as Andrew Johnson, James K. Polk, the Brownlows, Bob and Alf Taylor, T. A. R. Nelson, and Andrew Jackson.

Broadside Television

Includes videotaped programs on the political aspects of such topics as the Tennessee Valley Authority, strip mining, union organizing, sanitary landfill development, and annexation.

Congress for Appalachian Development

Includes correspondence, transcripts of testimony, clippings, and other materials related to the political aspects of such topics as regional electric power development, the Appalachian Regional Commission, economic development, the coal industry, and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Guy Despard Goff

Consists of 3 volumes of typescript copies of correspondence, telegrams, and letters of congratulations relating to Goff's military and political career during and following WWI. Goff was elected to the U.S. Senate from W. Va. in 1924.

Frederick S. Heiskell

Includes correspondence and scrapbooks connected to Heiskell's (1786-1851) involvement in abolitionism, and early Tennessee and Whig Party politics. Correspondents include John Bell, William G. Brownlow, and James A. Garfield.

City of Johnson City

Includes administrative and judicial records of permanent value for the city of Johnson City, Tennessee from c. 1890.

Carl A. Jones

Documents the history of Johnson City, Tenn., including local and state politics, elections, government activities, community events, civic and social organizations from the 1930s to the end of the 20th century.

Jonesborough (Tenn.) Board of Mayor and Aldermen

Consists of a minute book containing a list of ordinances ratified in 1906 and minutes of meetings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, 1906-1910.

William Henley Nelson Family

Includes correspondence, speeches, and appointments relating to Nelson's (1837-1935) political career in East Tennessee. Correspondents include William G. Brownlow and Theodore Roosevelt.

James H. Quillen

Documents the public life and political career of Congressman James H. Quillen. Quillen served in the Tennessee General Assembly (1955-63) and the U.S. House of Representatives (1963-97). His papers focus on political, social, and military issues at the local, state, national, and international levels.

B. Carroll Reece

Long-time Congressman Reece's extensive collection includes correspondence, memoranda, speeches, reports, clippings, etc. covering Reece's career, primarily 1908-1961. Topics include Andrew Johnson, McCarthyism, the Pearl Harbor investigation, and Republican national politics. Correspondents include Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Robert A. Taft, and J. Edgar Hoover, among others.

Benjamin Harrison Taylor Family

Includes biographical and political materials (correspondence, election materials, speeches, clippings, memorabilia, etc.) relating to Taylor's life (1888-1930) and that of his father, Alfred Alexander Taylor (1848-1931).

Blaine Taylor

Consists of papers relating to Alfred Taylor's successful 1920 campaign for Governor of Tenn. Blaine Taylor served as campaign secretary.


It was not until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that railroads finally crossed the Appalachian mountains. With the railroad came increased trade and economic development, forever changing the history of Appalachia.

Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway

Formed in 1908, the railway carried passengers and freight between Elkhorn, Ky. and Spartanburg, S. C. Extensive records (1899-1979) include correspondence, minute books, annual reports, engineering files, financial records, blueprints, accident and personal injury files, line and topographical survey maps.

Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway, Engineering Dept.

Includes personnel files, memoranda, correspondence, minutes, maps, newsclippings, pamphlets, newsletters, construction diagrams, and miscellaneous records documenting the history and construction of the CC&O and the management of its engineering department.

Cy Crumley

Documents the railroad in Appalachia during the first-half of the 20th century. It includes images of ET&WNC Railroad, Cy Crumley, and other railroad personnel.

James T. Dowdy, Sr.

Includes photographs relating to three railroad lines: East Tennessee and Western North Carolina, Linville River, and the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio. Scenes depict engines, depots, rail lines, roundhouses, shops, and rail crews.

ET&WNC Historical Society

Documents the history of the ET&WNC and the Linville River Railway through company records, publications, maps, oral histories, films, video recordings, and photographs. Collected by members of the Historical Society, this collection covers 1883-2005, but predominantly 1910-1950.

ET&WNC Transportation Company

Originally chartered in 1866 to carry iron from Cranberry, N. C. to Elizabethton, Tenn., this narrow gauge railroad eventually ran from Johnson City, Tenn. to Saginaw, N. C. Extensive records (1868-1966) include correspondence, financial ledgers, minute books, and annual statements. Includes records related to the Linville River Railway and Inner City Trucking.

Charles Gunter, Jr.

Includes interviews about the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway and other East Tennessee railroads during the period 1922-62.

William Cary Hattan

Collection focuses on Hattan's career as a railroad engineer and on his personal involvement in the construction of two railroads in the early 20th century: the Western Maryland Railway and the Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Railway.

Frederick S. Heiskell

Includes correspondence and personal papers related to early Tennessee railroad development. Subjects include the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, Hiwassee Railroad, the Western and Atlantic Railroad, and the transcontinental railroad.

Robert A. Helm

This research collection documents railroad and coal operations of the Clinchfield & Ohio Railway in the mid-to-late 20th century. Includes correspondence, reports, maps, blueprints, and industrial data.

Johnson City Foundry and Machine Works

Founded in 1883, this major steel and aluminum fabricator company's records include ledgers, journals, financial records, office files, union contracts, board minutes, photographs, and other company records. Some material relates to business with the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad and the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway.

Carl B. Knight

Contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and other material documenting Knight's activities (1972-83) as a board member of the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway. Much of the correspondence relates to the sale of the CC&O to the CSX Corporation in 1983.

Delbert W. Loudermilk

This collection of slides, photographs, negatives, and video documents railroading, primarily in the Southeast. Photographed by Loudermilk, the images span the transition from steam to diesel.

M. B. Vance

In the 1870s, Vance supplied railroad ties and lumber on section 14 of the East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia Railroad. This day book is a handwritten record of transactions related to this operation and covers May 31, 1870 - December 31, 1870.

Kenneth E. Wilhoit

Consists of ET&WNC Transportation Company records while Wilhoit was employed by the company. Includes Board minutes, resolutions, memos, correspondence, and accounting records. Covers the Red Ball Motor Freight Corporation's acquisition of ET&WNC Transportation Company.


Historian Pat Alderman discusses the North Carolina community of Lost Cove, which, accessible only by rail or foot, became a ghost town when the railroad discontinued service.

The Archives has collected church histories, church records, as well as recordings of church services in order to document religious faith in Appalachia. Significant holdings on serpent-handling practices are available.

Appalachian Preaching Mission

The collection consists of material (1954-80) related to this effort among Tri-Cities area churches to bring religious speakers to the upper East Tennessee area. Includes brochures, correspondence, financial statements, memoranda, minutes of committee meetings, and recordings of Mission speakers. An index of guest speakers is included.

Horace C. Atwater

Consists of a copy of Atwater's diary, original lecture notes, and sermons Atwater delivered between the 1840s and 1870s. Documents Atwater's time as a Presbyterian minister in East Tennessee.

Blountville Circuit (Methodist Church)

Minutes (1841-59 and 1873-86) includes financial statements, ministerial examinations, and licensing, reports on the state of the church for the Blountville Circuit, and committee reports on various subjects.


Consists of audio and video recordings on snake-handling religious practices in the region, and includes "Carson Springs: A Decade Later." Restriction: Recordings may not be duplicated without the permission of the donor.

Congregation B'Nai Sholom

Consists of administrative records (constitution, minutes, deeds, etc.); correspondence; financial records (ledgers, passbooks, receipts, etc.); and publications of the congregation and its auxiliary, the B'nai Sholom Sisterhood. Records cover 1905-83, though primarily between 1945-65.

Emmanual Lutheran Church

Consists of photocopies of records (1811-31) of Washington Co., Tenn., church.  Includes lists of communicants, baptisms, confirmants, those attending catechism, and church minutes.

Federation of Communities in Service

Consists of bylaws, minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and research files that document the history of FOCIS. Research and photographic files were used in the publication of Mountain Sisters by Helen M. Lewis and Monica Appleby.

Holston Baptist Association

Consists of the minutes of the Holston Baptist Association for various years between 1826-1904.

Holston Methodist Conference

Consists of the minutes of the Holston Methodist Conference, 1833-40 and various published material related to the Methodist faith, including pamphlets, the Holston Conference Messenger, and Monthly Miscellany.

Harvey Lee Hughett

Consists of 120 audiotapes of church services in East Tennessee, 1957-76. Also includes interviews with ministers and lay persons, and singing religious songs.

Murray Family

Includes sermons, a hymnal and homiletics notebook of Rev. Isaac G. Murray, a native of Washington County, Tenn,. who served as pastor of churches (1893- 1922) in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

Philadelphia (Limestone, Tenn.) Presbyterian Church

Includes session minutes and church registers, 1906-58. The minutes record church proceedings, while the registers list pastors, elders, deacons, baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Also included are annual church reports and reports to the presbytery.

Southern Appalachian Ministry in Higher Education

Highlights educational, social, economic, and religious issues shaping Appalachia during the 1970s. Includes minutes, correspondence, project files, transcripts of interviews, nd printed materials.

Melanie L. Sovine and Susan Smith

Consists of an audio recording and transcripts of interviews (1982) with Cleo Green, her daughter Pearlie Ann Price, and granddaughter Dale Ann Price discussing their religious beliefs as members of the Calvin Primitive Baptist Church, Bell County, Ky.

WHCB Homecoming '86 Project

Consists of audio recordings and transcripts of a three hour radio program which examined the history of numerous area churches, including churches in Johnson City, Jonesborough, Bristol, Kingsport, Blountville, Bluff City, Erwin, Butler, Mountain City, Tenn. and Bristol and Abingdon, Va.

Reverend Edwin White

Documents White's activities as a minister, 1940s-1960s. Includes his mission work in the Cumberland Plateau prior to WWII and his serving as the first pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, Tenn.

The Archives has a number of collections that document the many roles of women in southern Appalachia. Included are materials that focus on women as writers, nurses, coal miners, educators, aviators, union organizers, and community activists.

Jessie A. Ackerman

Includes correspondence, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other printed matter related to the work of this early temperance movement leader and missionary.

Anne W. Armstrong

Contains an autobiographical fragment written by Armstrong, author of This Day and Time, reflecting her early life in Knoxville, Tenn., 1885-1902.

Elma Lillian Rankin Beeson

Contains newspapers clippings, class record books, and photographs related to Beeson's career as a member of the original faculty at East Tennessee State University, along with photographs and a diary of a 1913 European trip.

Gladys Addington Brewer

Contains newspaper clippings, correspondence, postcards, photographs, poems, essays, and other memorabilia reflecting Brewer's life and career, including stints as a teacher and a civilian hostess at Camp Forrest, Tennessee during World War II.

Coal Employment Project

Consists of records documenting the operations of this organization seeking to promote improved working conditions and hiring practices for women coal miners, including correspondence, reports, handbooks, photographs, clippings, financial records, grant proposals, and other matter.

Council of Nursing of Upper East Tennessee

Includes correspondence, financial records, and publications related to the organization's efforts to foster nursing care in the region.

Council on Appalachian Women

Includes correspondence, minutes, papers, grant applications, publications, photographs, and recordings documenting the efforts of the council to promote the needs of women in the Appalachian region.

Fannie A. Fain

Consists of photocopies of two handwritten diaries (plus transcriptions) kept by Fain, a Sullivan Co., Tenn. resident, between 1863-98. The diaries provide insightful accounts of daily life in the area.

Mary Louise Pearre Hamilton

Consists of photocopies of a diary written by Mary Louise Pearre (1863-64) of Williamson Co., Tenn., and letters received from her fianc, John Hall Hamilton (1861-65).

Joseph Louis and Jane Dulaney Hilbert

Consists of photographs documenting Hilbert's career (1936-70) as an early East Tennessee aviator and businesswoman, operating Appalachian Flying Service with her husband, Louis Hilbert.

Jonesboro Woman's Christian Temperance Union

Consists of a ledger (1895-99) containing the minutes of the temperance group, newspaper clippings, and its' constitution.

Marat Moore

Papers of this Johnson City, Tenn. native includes recordings and transcriptions of interviews conducted with women coal miners, as well as correspondence and photographs.

Jeanne M. Rasmussen

Includes correspondence, writings, photographs, and other materials documenting Rasmussen's interests in contemporary Appalachian life and culture, particularly as it relates to the Appalachian coal fields.

June M. Rostan

Contains correspondence, recordings, photographs, scrapbooks, and other material documenting Rostan's work with the Coal Employment Project, with other grassroots organizations, and her union-organizing activities.

Southern Songbirds

Consists of music by and interviews with early country music performers Hazel Dickens, Wilma Lee Cooper, Patsy Montana, Ola Belle Reed, Matokie Slaughter, Martha Carson, the Carter Family, Etta Baker, Jean Ritchie, Phyllis Marks, Ramona Jones, the Powers Family, and the Girls of the Golden West.


The Archives of Appalachia holds over 500 magazine and newspaper titles, spanning over 200 years, related to the history and culture of southern Appalachia.

The following list includes individual titles and date ranges, though there are gaps in most holdings.

Contact us for information on specific issue availability.


Abstracts of Folklore Studies; (January 1963-Winter 1972)
Acoustic Guitar; (November/December 1993-March/April 1994)
Acoustic Musician; (March 1994-January 1999)
Across Asbury; (Fall 1995)
Across the Ridge (Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky); (Spring 1992-Spring 1994)
AFL-CIO American Federationist; (September 1978-March 1982)
Alabama Folklife Association Newsletter; (July 1980-April 1981)
ALCA Lines; (1994-2009)
American Archivist; (Summer 1984-Spring/Summer 2005)
American Folklore Society Newsletter; (February 1985-December 1991)
American Historical Magazine (bound); (1896-July 1898)
American Historical Magazine and Tennessee Historical Society Quarterly; (April 1903-July 1903)
American Preservation; (October/November 1977-January/February 1980)
APEC News; (June 1982-November 1991)
Appalachia: A Journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission; (October 1968-2005)
Appalachian Actions (Appalachian Community Fund); (Spring/Summer 1997)
Appalachian Advance; (January/February 1967-Winter 1971/1972)
Appalachian Advocate; (March/April 1975-August 2009)
Appalachian Alternatives; (Winter 1994-Spring 1988)
Appalachian Center Newsletter (Berea College); (Spring 1972-Summer 2011)
Appalachian Center for Crafts; (Summer 2001)
Appalachian Center News (University of Kentucky); (April 1983-February 1993)
Appalachian Connection; (1998-2001)
Appalachian Families; (1988-1991)
Appalachian Heritage; (Fall 1976-Winter 2000)
Appalachian History of Medicine Society, Proceedings of; (1977)
Appalachian Journal; (Autumn 1972-Spring/Summer 2007)
Appalachian Life Magazine: History, Humor, and Culture; (September 1999-August 2002)
Appalachian Log, The; (April 1993-April 1997)
Appalachian Lookout; (March 1969)
Appalachian Mountain Books; (1986-July 1995)
Appalachian Mountain Club; (May 1903-June 1953)
Appalachian Music Teachers Association Newsletter; (2002-2003)
Appalachian Notes; (1973-1979)
Appalachian Reader; (1988-1999)
Appalachian Reporter; (January 1979-July 1986)
Appalachian Review; (Summer 1966-Summer 1968)
Appalachian South, The; (Summer 1965-Spring and Summer 1967)
Appalachian Studies News; (November 1983-March 2005)
Appalachian Trailway News; (January 1939-September/October 1996)
Appalachian Voice; (1996-2011)
Appalachian Voice(s); (Winter 1996-Spring 2001)
APPALINK: Newsletter of the Appalachian Studies Conference; (January 1978-Spring 2012)
APPY Fair Times (Appalachian Fair); (July 1997)
APSOlution; (December 1978-Spring 1995)
APSOlution Spotlights; (February 1985-July 1993)
Archival and Museum Informatics; (Spring 1987-Spring 1990)
Arts Journal; (1978-1983)
Arts letter; (Spring 1987-Fall 1989)
Arts Line (Johnson City Area Arts Council); (March 1979-Fall 2001)
ArtScene (Johnson City Area Arts Council); (Spring 1996)
Artworks: From the WV Commission on the Arts; (1996)
Association of Folklorists in the South Newsletter; (Fall 1979-Spring 1988)


Back Squirt (Johnson City Press); (1944-1945)
Balancing the Scales: A Publication of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth; (1989-1991)
Banjo Newsletter; (July 1975-December 2009)
Barefoot Bob's Guitar Echoes; (Summer 1967-Summer 1969)

Bedford County Historical Quarterly; (Summer 1966-Summer 1967)
Best of Country Music Magazine; (1960s-1970s)
Black Diamonds; (1978)

Blue Ridge Country Music Magazine; (September/October 1988-August 2005)
Blue Ridge Institute Newsletter; (Spring 1979-September 1984)
Blue Ridge Music Association Newsletter; (March 1987-January 1992)
Blue Ridge Parkway Gazette; (1979-1987)
Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost; (1981-2000)
Blue Ridge Stemwinder; (Fall 1988-Fall/Winter 2007)
Blue Ridge Traditions; (April 2000-May 2000)
Bluegrass By the Bay; (August 1992-March 1995)
Bluegrass Music News; (Spring 1988-Spring 1992)
Bluegrass Music Profiles; (May/June 2003-September/October 2008)
Bluegrass Now; (July/August 1992-April 2008)
Bluegrass Radio News; (January 1988-Summer/Fall 1989)
Bluegrass South; (1983)
Bluegrass Star, The; (February 1972-February 1973)
Bluegrass Unlimited; (July 1966-February 2011)
Blueprint: Washington's Bluegrass Newspaper (1979-1983)
Bluewater Sentinel; (March 1986-December 1991)
Bob Taylor's Magazine; (May 1905-July 1907)
Bread and Justice (Tennessee Hunger Coalition); (Winter 1993-Summer 1995)
Bridge, The; (April 1979-April 1989)
Bristol Ballet Company News; (Fall 1984-Spring 1985)
Bristol Herald Courier (Birth of Country Music 75th Anniversary); (2002)
Bristol Motor Speedway; (March 2000-August 2000)
Building Healthy Communities; (Spring 1998)
Bulletin from MMI (The Mountain Management Institute); (January 1978-Winter 1979)
Bulletin of the Watauga Association of Genealogists; (Summer/Fall 1972-20014)
Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia; (March 2008-January 2019)
Business Journal: Annual Report; (1993, 1995, 2000)


Caboma News; (August/ September 1997-June/July 2000)
CAM Comments; (December 1991-Winter 1994)
Carrying Stream, The; (1992)
Carter County Banner (Elizabethton, TN); (1917)
Celo Education Notes; (April 1988-April 1993)
Center for Southern Folklore Newsletter; (Spring 1978-Winter 1986)
CEP News ; (October 1993-February 1999)
Chamber Chat; (July 1997-February 1999)
Chattahoochee Review, The; (Summer 1985)
Chattanooga Regional Historical Journal; (January 1998)
Cherokee One Feather; (1991-1998)
Cincinnati Daily Enquirer; (July 4 1864 )
Civil War Centennial Commission Newsletter; (December 1958-July 1960)
CJE News; (March/April 1993-July/August 1994)
Clansman, The; (June/July 1993)
Coal Mining Women's Support Team News; (June 1978-Fall 1989)
Coal Patrol; (May 1972-July 1972)
Cold Mountain Review; (1974-Spring 1999)
Comet, The; (1889-1913)
Comment: Perspective and News from the Johnson City Public Schools; (October 1971-Winter 1995)
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Comprehensive Guide to Conducting Business in the Tri-Cities; (Spring/Summer 1995)
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Social Welfare in Appalachia; (1977-1978)
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Watauga Review (Johnson City, TN); (Summer 1963-Fall 1967)
Watauga Review (Watauga Branch of the National League of American Pen Women); (October 1985)
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Watauga Wanderings; (July 1992-December 1994)

West Virginia Hillbilly; (1979-2000)
West Virginia Labor History Association News and Notes, The; (October 1979-July 1980)
Western Film, The; (November/December 1981-May/June 1985)
Western Folklore; (April 1974)
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Yarn Spinner, The; (September 1976-November 1988)
Yellowcreek Concerned Citizen Newsletter; (January 1982-Summer 1983)
Zone 3; (Fall 1989-Fall/Winter 1998)

Audio-Visual Recordings

William Becker

The Becker collection consists of over 300 commercial recordings of American folk music as well as other related printed material.

Lewis Deneumoustier

A large multi-format collection of bluegrass and early country music. This collection consists of approximately 25,000 sound recordings, which include many local artists and recordings of live performances at concerts and festivals. Also included are song books, sheet music, posters, photographs, and memorabilia.

Kenneth W. Smith

This comprehensive collection of bluegrass and country music recordings includes 17,000 long-playing records, hundreds of compact discs, video recordings, and related books.


Appalachian-Scottish Studies

Contains a number of audio and videotapes of American and Scottish artists performing English and Scottish ballads, and playing such instruments as the dulcimer, banjo and Jew's harp. Among the artists represented are Margaret Bennett, Frank Profitt, Jr., Orville Hicks and Emily Lyle.


Includes taped copies and original disc recordings of such artists as Jim Garland, Sara Garland (Sara Ogan Gunning), Huddie Ledbetter (Lead Belly), the Osborne Family, Aunt Molly Jackson, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, and the Ritchie Sisters. The recordings were made by folklorist Mary Barnicle and her husband Tillman Cadle between 1936 and 1951.

Richard Blaustein

Included in the collection are audio and videotapes which document the following types of music: old-time, country, blues, bluegrass, white gospel and revival. Performers recorded include Ralph Mayo, Friday Brothers, Bailes Brothers, Old Joe Clark, Dixie Dewdrops, Victory Quartet, Charlie Bowman, Carter Family, Claude Grant, Uncle Dave Macon, Roan Mountain Hilltoppers, and G.B. Grayson. Festivals recorded include: ETSU Homefolks, Ferrum Blues and the Old Time Country Radio Reunion. The collection also contains written documentation on the history of country music and on the Old Time Country Radio Reunion, and photographs of country music performers.

Thomas G. Burton

Contains various types of materials on folk music. Included are dub sheets and transcripts of interviews with individuals who sang folk songs. Also contains a songbook written by Delmar Herington of Bristol, Tennessee; and songs sung by Hattie Presnell and Stanley Hicks on cassette audiotape.


Includes taped (audio and video) musical performances of local persons from East Tennessee and western North Carolina, as well as such noted performers as Arlie Watson, Doc Watson, Tom Ashley, Horton Barker, the Carter Family, and the Toe River Valley Boys. Types of music played include: ballads (Child and Laws), shape note, bluegrass and old-time. Written documentation includes dub sheets, correspondence on ballads, and clippings on ballads.

Bernard Rousseau

The Bernard Rousseau Collection contains 187 open reel audiotapes of performances at fiddlers conventions, bluegrass festivals, music clubs, and studio sessions, 1957-84; as well as radio broadcasts of bluegrass and country music, 1983-88. The collection also contains two manuscript boxes of printed materials, which focus on the conventions and festivals. Included in the two boxes are tape logs, performer lists, publicity photos, along with convention and festival programs.

William L. and Gowan Merson Smith

Consists of 83 audio recordings of William and Gowan Smith playing fiddle, organ, and piano, 1957-76.  The Smiths had a life-long interest in Scottish fiddle music. The collection includes recording of live and commercial performances.

Southern Songbirds

Contains seven 30-minute audio cassettes of interviews conducted by Rachel Ann Goodman with women instrumental in the early development of country and old-time music. Musicians represented include Etta Baker, Ramona Jones, the Powers Family, Jean Ritchie, the Carter Family, Martha Carson, Matokie Slaughter, Patsy Montana, Ola Belle Reed, Wilma Lee Cooper and Hazel Dickens.

Jack Tottle Bluegrass and Old-Time Music

Included are 61 reel to reel audiotapes (dubbed onto audio cassettes) of bluegrass, old-time, and blues music tapes from live and recorded performances, 1940-76. Artists represented include the Poplin Family, Flatt and Scruggs, Uncle Dave Macon, Etta Baker, Lonesome River Boys, Stanley Brothers, Kentucky Colonels, Bill Monroe, Hylo Brown and Don Reno.

Duncan and Linda Williamson

Consists of audio recordings of Duncan Williamson and other musicians and storytellers at ceilidhs and community gatherings in Scotland. Included are traditional songs and Jack tales.

Richard Blaustein

Included in the collection are audio and videotapes which document the following types of music: old-time, country, blues, bluegrass, white gospel and revival. Performers recorded include Ralph Mayo, Friday Brothers, Bailes Brothers, Old Joe Clark, Dixie Dewdrops, Victory Quartet, Charlie Bowman, Carter Family, Claude Grant, Uncle Dave Macon, Roan Mountain Hilltoppers, and G.B. Grayson. Festivals recorded include: ETSU Homefolks, Ferrum Blues and the Old Time Country Radio Reunion. The collection also contains written documentation on the history of country music and on the Old Time Country Radio Reunion, and photographs of country music performers.

Broadside Television

This collection includes a number of 3/4" video cassettes of musical performances. Performers include the Morris Brothers, Taylor and Stella Kimble, the Fiddlin' Powers Family, Ralph Stanley, Tommy Jarrell, Johnny Cash, and Malcolm Johnson. Types of music represented include: old-time, bluegrass, ballads and mountain blues guitar. The Broadside collection also contains videos on WZAP, a country-music radio station, and on making musical instruments.

Bonnie Lou and Buster Moore

Includes 43 video recordings of the regionally popular television program Jim Walter Home Jubilee, starring Bonnie Lou and Buster Moore. The program featured musical performances by the regular cast and guests, such as Scotty Stoneman. Also included are program audiotapes, production notebooks, and publicity photographs.

Glenn E. Roberts, Jr.

Consists of 142 audiotapes of the Glenn Roberts Radio Program, the Shriners bluegrass festival (Wise, Va.), home-jamming bluegrass sessions. Tapes date from the 1960s-1980s.

Benny and Eula Sims

This collection relates to fiddler Benny Sims who played fiddle for Flatt and Scruggs, as well as for the Bonnie Lou and Buster Moore Show, WJHL-Television, Johnson City, Tennessee. It consists of recordings, songbooks, photographs, awards, and other materials.

WCYB Radio

Contained in this collection are seven reel to reel audio tapes, dubbed from transcription disks, of 1947-49 WCYB radio programs. Programs include "Farm and Fun Time," and "Thrift Supply Company." Artists represented include Curly King and the Tennessee Hilltoppers (Don Campbell, Leslie Keith, Shorty Morris), Roy Russell and Roy Webb.


Includes reel to reel audiotapes of different types of country music. Old-time, bluegrass, folk, and revival are among the types of music represented in the collection. Artists represented include Ed Snodderly, the Corklickers, the Dixie Dewdrops, Friday Brothers, Hotmud Family, Bluegrass Ramblers, Whitetop Mountain Band, Guy Carawan, Keith Miles, John McCutcheon, Red Rector, Roan Mountain Hilltoppers, Bill Clifton, Foggy Bottom String Band, Nanci Griffith, and Mountain Memories.



Appalachian Farm Photographs

Consists of sixty black and white prints, negatives, and contact sheets originally part of an exhibit funded by the Tennessee Committee for the Humanities, and shown at ETSU in April 1979. Images depict various aspects of farming and rural life in East Tennessee.


Appalachian Photographic Archive

This archive consists of photographs relating to the Appalachia region not found in our Appalachian Collections. This archive is arranged by topic and spans the 19th and 20th centuries.



James Agee Film Project

Includes images of  East Tennessee families, residences, businesses, agriculture, landscapes, buildings, and social activities. Images from photographs belonging to local families and businesses.

James T. Dowdy, Sr.

Images relate to three Appalachian railroads: the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina, Linville River, and the Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio. Scenes depict depots, engines, rail lines, rail crews, etc.

Elizabethton Star

Consists of images of Elizabethton and Carter Co., Tenn.  Taken by newspaper staff, 1955-68.

James Garvin Ellis

Consists of over 7,000 negatives taken by Jimmy Ellis while serving as chief photographer for the Johnson City Press- Chronicle and includes scenes depicting life in the Johnson City, Tenn. area (1958-1960) related to a variety of topics and individuals.

James A. Goforth

Includes photographic negatives and prints depicting railway construction and views of rail routes on the Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Railway in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, 1906-1915.

Burr Harrison

Consists of prints and negatives taken or collected by this Johnson City, Tenn. photographer during the first half of the 20th century. Images depict area scenes, individuals, and businesses.

Kelly and Green Company

Consists of prints and negatives made by this Bristol, Va.-based photographic company. Depicts schools, churches, and businesses (1905-1940).

Gediyon Kifle Photographs

This collection consists of twenty-six 16x20 black and white prints of photographs taken by Gediyon Kifle while he was a student at East Tennessee State University. Three of the photographs are of congregants of the Greater Love Church of God in Christ Pentecostal Holiness Church in Johnson City, Tennessee. The remaining photographs document interracial couples in Johnson City.

Mildred S. Kozsuch

Consists of prints gathered by this collector depicting various scenes, individuals, and aspects of life in the Johnson City/Jonesborough, Tenn. area, c. 1860-1940.

Erlene Ledford

Consists of photographs gathered by this collector depicting individuals, families, landscapes, and other scenes primarily of the East Tennessee region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Clifford A. Maxwell

Extensive collection of negatives and prints taken and/or collected by this noted Johnson City, Tenn. photographer. Images depict Johnson City and Washington Co., Tenn. individuals, scenes, and structures related to life in the area, 1940- 1986.

McClatchey Family Photographs

The collection consists of 33 images scanned from photographs that belonged to the McClatchey family of Johnson City, Tennessee. Many of the images depict African American subjects. Several of the subjects in the images have been identified.

Kenneth Maynard Murray

Consists of prints of photographs taken by this noted East Tennessee photographer and relate to the land and people of southern Appalachia, including individuals, landscapes, and such subjects as agriculture, coal mining, crafts, music, among others.

Pressmen's Home

Photographs depict the land and buildings of the Pressmen's Home of the International Printing Pressmen and Assistants' Union of North America in Hawkins Co., Tenn, 1907-1976.

Jeanne M. Rasmussen

Includes photographs and negatives related to Rasmussen's career as a photographer and writer and reflects her interests in coal mining, life in the Appalachian coal fields, the Buffalo Creek, W. Va. flood of 1972, and images from her Smithsonian-sponsored exhibit, "Appalachian Faces."

Sing Along With Appalachia

Consists of prints and negatives depicting various aspects of life in areas now part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Hugh L. White

Documents the timber industry in southern Appalachia. It also includes images of the railroads and railway systems of this area.  Of interest are photographs of Butler, Tenn., before it was flooded by the TVA in 1948.