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Give to the Library

Make a difference--give to the Library!

Give to the Library

Sherrod Library will gladly accept gifts to support the mission of the library. Please click on the menu to the left to see details about making monetary gifts or donating library materials.

Monetary or Gift-in-Kind Donations

Monetary and Gift-in-Kind donations must be made through the ETSU Office of University Advancement. In the case of the library, a Gift-in-Kind donation is usually a donation of library materials that have been valued at $5,000 or more. Donors must fill out a Gift-in-Kind form and have it approved by the ETSU Office of University Advancement before the donation is made.

Monetary donations may be designated as follows:

  • Library Collection Funds: Books, Journals, Maps, Videos, Music (The Baskette Endowment)
  • Sherrod Library Student Employee Scholarship Fund
  • Library Development Fund to support wide array of needs (Sherrod Library Restricted Fund)
  • Other

Donate to Collections

The Charles C. Sherrod Library will accept gifts of books and other materials that support the curriculum and research needs of ETSU. All gifts become the property of the library and may be retained or discarded in accordance with the needs of the library. Please note that this only a summary of the complete policy. The full policy is available by clicking on the link in the box to the right.

General Guidelines:

  • Donations of books and media must support the curriculum and research needs of ETSU
  • The library reserves the right to dispose of materials that do not fit current needs
  • The library will NOT accept materials on loan, or with conditions on retention, location, or access
  • Faculty, alumni, and university publications will be accepted, unless they duplicate material already in the collection

Acceptance and Retention of Gifts:

  • Materials may be declined for the following reasons:
    • condition (badly damaged, moldy, bug-infested, heavily marked, etc.)
    • format (mass market paperback, outdated media, etc.)
    • subject matter (outside curriculum and/or research areas)
    • duplication of materials already in collection
  • The library will NOT accept the following materials:
    • periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.)
    • textbooks (unless authored by a faculty member)
    • law books
    • loose-leaf books or loose pages in portfolios
    • films and filmstrips, audio tapes, videotapes, floppy disks
    • archival materials (these should be directed to the Archives of Appalachia, which has its own policies for accepting donations)
  • The donor must complete the Gift Acknowledgement Form
  • The library is not permitted to provide appraisals. Donors who need an appraisal must obtain the appraisal prior to the donation.
  • If a donation is appraised at $5,000 or more, a Gift-in-Kind form must be submitted to the ETSU Office of University Advancement and approved prior to the donation.


Contacts and Forms

To Donate Money or Gifts-in-Kind

Monetary donations and gifts-in-kind must be given through the ETSU Office of University Advancement.


David Atkins
Dean of University Libraries
P.O. Box 70665
Johnson City, TN 37614
Phone: (423) 439-6988

To Donate Books and Media


Resource Sharing and Acquisitions Librarian
Phone: (423) 439-6998