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Lending Technology & Personal Librarian Program

Lending Technology & Personal Librarian Program

In spring 2020, ETSU canceled in-person instruction due to COVID-19, resulting in over 5,600 students becoming instant online learners. With many in our region lacking internet services and/or access to a computer, the ETSU Libraries, Dean of Students, Information Technology Services (ITS), and Student Life and Enrollment (SLE) began a collaboration to solve this enormous problem many of our students faced in completing course work and the possibility of dropping out. The University used CARES ACT funds to purchase 200 hotspots and 200 laptops to assist students affected by this digital divide. The program provides laptops and hotspots to low income, minority, and veteran students lacking the technology required for online learning and student services.

For fall semester 2021, we have the 200 hotspots and over 200 laptops available for student check-out for the semester.  These students must meet criteria established by the Dean of Students office. Once approved, the ASK-US desk at Sherrod Library will initiate contact with the students receiving the laptops and hotspots.

Personal Librarian

Jonathan Wilson 
Sherrod Library Room 307

Phone: 423-439-4773

Checking In/Out Equipment

Sherrod Library Room 155

Phone: 423-439-4303

Information Technology Services (ITS)


Sherrod Library Room 105

Phone: 423-439-4648

Dean of Students

Dean of Students
3rd Floor Burgin Dossett Hall
Phone: 423-439-439-4210