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About the Council

The Sherrod Library Faculty Advisory Council (SLFAC) serves the library and the rest of the university by providing a forum for two-way communications between ETSU’s faculty and the Sherrod Library. Comprised primarily of ETSU departmental representatives and Sherrod Library librarians and administrators, council members provide faculty perspectives and input regarding Sherrod Library collections, spaces, and services.  

Members of the council will also assist in communicating news regarding library developments and participating in initiatives that impact the colleges’ programs, departments, colleagues, and students.  

Council activities include and are not limited to:  

  • Communicating concerns and ideas for new or improved library services. 
  • Collecting, prioritizing, and communicating departmental book, media, and electronic resources purchase recommendations. 
  • Assisting the library with database trials, surveys, discussions, etc. to gather feedback regarding possible significant acquisitions, withdrawals, or cancelations 
  • Sharing information provided by the library with departments’ faculty and students. 

Council operations:

  • The council will meet, at a minimum, once a semester during the academic year.  
  • The Dean and the library faculty’s designee will serve as co-conveners.  
  • All librarians will serve as standing members of the council. 
  • Other Sherrod Library faculty and colleagues from other units may be invited to participate in meetings or ongoing council projects.


Membership will remain flexible to account for any campus constituency intersecting with the Sherrod Library and its role in the research and teaching mission of the university.  

Primarily, members will include:  

  • Representatives from academic departments and centers from the following ETSU colleges: Arts & Sciences, Business and Technology, Clemmer, Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Honors, Graduate & Continuing Studies, Nursing, and Public Health.   
  • Departments, centers, and other units may select representatives in any matter they choose. Representatives serve 2-year, renewable terms.  
  • Sherrod Library will be represented by the Dean of University Libraries and all Sherrod Library librarians.   

Sherrod Librarians will select their co-convener and work through their Faculty Partnership to inform advisory programming, projects, etc. Sherrod librarians can participate in advisory to support their respective academic assignments, service activities, and research.  

External Council Members

Name Department Term
Antepara, Robin CAS - Literature and Language 2022-2024
Carew, Myra  CON - Nursing 2022-2024
Channing, Jill Clemmer - Educational Policy & Analysis 2022-2024
Cokeley, Emily CBAT - Accountancy 2022-2024
Crofts, Thomas CAS - Literature and Language 2022-2024
Deadman, Alison CAS - Music 2022-2024
Deehan, Gerald  "Jerry" CAS - Psychology 2022-2024
Dixon, David CAS - Art and Design 2022-2024
Donoval, Nancy CAS - Communication and Performance 2022-2024
Funk, Bobby CAS - Theatre and Dance 2022-2024
Hagelberg, Frank CAS - Physics and Astronomy 2022-2024
Hale, Kimberly Clemmer - Educational Foundations and Special Ed 2022-2024
Jost Fritz, Jan Oliver CAS - Literature and Language 2022-2024
Killmeyer, Heather CAS - Music 2022-2024
Laws, Amy  CAS - Literature and Language 2022-2024
Long, Brett CAS - Music 2022-2024
Lyons, Renee Clemmer - Curriculum and Instruction 2022-2024
MacMorran, Jane Blair CAS - Appalachian Studies 2022-2024
Maxson, Brian CAS - History 2022-2024
Mayo-Bobee, Dinah CAS - History 2022-2024
McKinney, Michael CBAT - Management and Marketing 2022-2024
Mehta, Saurabh CCRHS - Physical Therapy 2022-2024
Miller, Sheena CON - Nursing 2022-2024
Osborne, Dustin CAS - Criminal Justice and Criminology 2022-2024
Perry, Lisa CAS - Music 2022-2024
Ramey, Lauren CAS - Music 2022-2024
Reed, Delanna CAS - Communication and Performance 2022-2024
Shields, Landon CCRHS - Allied Health 2022-2024
Smurzynski, Jacek CCRHS - Audiology and Speech Pathology 2022-2024
Standridge, Sarah Clemmer - Sport, Exercise, Recreation and Kinesiology 2022-2024
Stinson, Jill CAS - Psychology 2022-2024
Tate, Jeremiah CCRHS - Physical Therapy 2022-2024
Walden, Rachel COM - Medical Library Indefinite
Wessels, Chelsea CAS - Literature and Language 2022-2024
White, Mickey Clemmer - Counseling and Human Services 2022-2024
Yang, Shuling Clemmer - Curriculum and Instruction 2022-2024
Young, Dara CPH - Public Health 2022-2024


Contact Information

David Atkins
Dean of Libraries
SLFAC Co-Convener
(423) 439-6988


Rebecca Tolley
Professor, Director of Research and Instructional Services (RIS) 
SLFAC Co-Convener
(423) 439-4365


The Sherrod Library Faculty Advisory Council accepts nominations for representatives to serve 2-year, renewable terms. Self nominations are accepted. Please submit your nomination to Library Administration via email to Nominations should include name, department, college, and a brief statement of interest in serving on the council.