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Printing from Sherrod Computer Lab

To copy, log in to any of the black-and-white printers using the touch screen and use the copier buttons to make copies.

Helpful Hints

  • Black-and-white copying and printing cost the same and are done by the same machines.
  • Color laser printing is available but color copying is not.
  • Copying and printing cost money. Scanning and saving files is free.
  • You can scan both black-and-white and color.
  • There are no copiers, printers, or scanners on the 4th floor.

Price and Payment

  • Black-and-white copy or print             $0.10
  • Color print (color copy not available)  $0.25

You can copy or print if you have:

  1. an ETSU user account AND
  2. money in an ETSU ID Buc$ account or student Technology Access Fee (TAF) allocation for printing.
  • Students get a $50 credit each semester from TAF for printing and copying. When this credit is used up, students can use their ID Buc$ account to pay.
  • Visitors may purchase a Sherrod Library Guest Card at the Ask Us desk on the first floor. Library Guest cards include ETSU user and ID Buc$ accounts.
  • Anyone with an ID Buc$ account and their ETSU ID or Library Guest card can add money to their account for cash using the machine at the foot of the stairs near Einstein Brothers Bagels on the first floor.
  • If you need cash, the closest ATM machine is in the D. P. Culp University Center near the Post Office.
  • You can use your ID Buc$ to buy food and drink from Einstein's, campus vending machines, and other campus food service locations.  

Print from your laptop or mobile device

ITS Library Lab Help Desk, 1st Floor

Phone: (423) 439-4648