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Library Resources in D2L

Embedding Library Resources in Your Course

Sherrod Library has worked with ITS to integrate library content inside D2L. This allows us to have a presence in your course and offer subject-specific content to your students. Use the menu for step by step instructions on how to implement these resources for your class. 

What is currently available?

  • APA Style Central - Integrate selected content from APA Style Central for use in your class. Topics include citing sources, ethics, plagiarism, mechanics of style, formatting, writing, and more. Over 200 choices are available ranging from guides, tutorials, books, self-quizzes, and sample papers. 
  • Sherrod Research Companion  - This prepackaged D2L module is a collection of resources and how-to learning modules for student research. Once imported, the instructor can selectively choose or rearrange content as they need.
  • Library Guides - This tool automatically provides a library guide relevant to your course code. For example, an ACCT 1010 course will be directed to the Accounting guide with subject-specific resources for articles, books, journals, and media. No linking or selecting content is required by the instructor. The tool can be placed inside a content module, or on the D2L course navbar. 
  • Library Widgets - This tool allows the instructor to manually select content from the library website and embed the material in their course. Content can include a specific library guide, database, subject listing, or content box from our website. This tool can be used more than once and placed into any content module.