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Library Services for Nursing


During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Sherrod Library and the Medical Library will pilot a program to collaboratively serve the College of Nursing. Our two libraries will use a distributed service model where you’ll not have a single librarian assigned to your college but rather two libraries collaborating in support of nursing. In this effort, each library will contribute its expertise.

In the broadest of terms, Sherrod will serve predominately online and undergraduate programs and the Medical Library will serve predominately graduate students and faculty. There will be some overlap in this division based on our respective expertise. For example, the Medical Library offers collections and expertise supporting medical literature, clinical education and practice and Sherrod supports undergraduate bibliographic research, interlibrary loan, and integration of online resources into D2L.

Both libraries will be available in person, online, on the phone, email, and via Zoom by appointment. Sherrod Library is also launching a chat service anyone can use. While ideal for students and faculty in online or remote site programs, you can use chat from anywhere you are, including the ETSU campus.

To connect with our services, use our Nursing landing page at If you forget this address, don’t worry. Just Google ‘ETSU libraries nursing.’

We have created guides for nursing faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students for how to get help on common issues. Please find those at:

As the year progresses, we will be in touch for feedback concerning this service arrangement. Good communications among the College and our libraries and timely feedback from faculty and students will be most helpful in assessing our services.

If you have questions or suggestions about this overall nursing support plan, please contact the library directors:

David Atkins (, Sherrod) 

Rachel Walden (, Medical)