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LGBTQIA+ Library Resources

In this guide you will discover information about our collections and spaces relating to LGBTQIA+ library resources.

Government Publications

As part of our Federal Government Documents Collection, these publications illustrate the government's policies toward LGBTQIA+ issues and individuals. While these policies have greatly evolved in recent years, there is still much progress to be made. As former President Barack Obama said, "Progress does not always move in a straight line, but instead zigs and zags in fits and starts." While not always positive, we have included all recent Federal Government Publications in this collection in order to paint a complete picture of how these policies have changed over time. To find a list of LGBTQIA+ Federal Government Publications from the past 15 years, please visit our collections page here.

For more information on researching government documents, please contact the Sherrod Library Government Information, Law and Maps Department.



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We are open to suggestions. Please follow the instructions to suggest a purchase of resources you would like added to our collection related to this topic.