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Sherrod Room 312

Sherrod Room 312 is a multipurpose library-priority instructional space for library instruction, workshops, and small group professional development for library employees that serves as an open study space for students when not in use.


  • Accommodates 18 with presentation seating and 22-24 with casual seating.
  • Mobile media cart with 75" monitor and HDMI laptop connection.

Use Policy

Because student study space in the library is in short supply and demand is high, 312 is restricted to library use only during Fall and Spring terms when classes are in session and may not be reserved during the last week of classes or exam week during Fall and Spring terms.

Sherrod Room 312 may be scheduled for non-library use in conjunction with Sherrod Room 309

  • weekdays from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM during Fall Break, Spring Break, Summer term, and when the university is open but classes are not in session.
  • on weekends only when library support is available. The event sponsor is responsible for making support arrangements and will be contacted to resolve any support issues that arise. The room reservation scheduler is not responsible for verifying support arrangements.

Furniture and equipment may be rearranged but must remain in the room. The event sponsor is responsible for returning the furniture and equipment to to its original arrangement immediately following their event.

All food service and cleanup is the responsibility of the event sponsor. The event sponsor is responsible for the condition of the room during and immediately following their event.

What's Happening in 312?

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