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Open and Affordable Course Materials

Summary of 2018-2019 OER Awards

During the 2018-2019 academic year, Charles C. Sherrod Library and Center for Teaching Excellence organized the first round of the ETSU Open Educational Resources (OER) Awards Program. Awards were given to applications indicating the adoption, adaption, and creation of OER or affordable materials. Funds for the award were provided by the student library fee. 

  • $30,000 awarded to 12 adoption, 3 adaption, 2 creation applications.
  • 3 departments and 11 instructors representing 5 academic colleges received funds.
  • 17 courses (total of 39 sections) with 1,700 students will use open or affordable materials.
  • Awardees will implement OERs in their courses during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.
  • $200,000 will be saved within the first implementation period.

Awards to Departments

Art and Design
College of Arts and Sciences
Organizer: Marie Barry, Adjunct
Adaption for ARTA 1030 - Art Appreciation

Digital Media
College of Arts and Sciences
Organizer: Gregory Marlow, Assistant Professor
Creation for DIGM 1800 - Principles of Digital Media

College of Arts and Sciences
Organizer: Ginette Blackhart, Professor
Adoption for PSYC 1310 - Introduction to Psychology

Awards to Individuals

Ginette Blackhart
Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Adoption for PSYC 2000 - Social Psychology

Elaine Boon
Adjunct, Human Development and Learning, Clemmer College
Adoption for HDAL 2310 - Developmental Psychology

Candace Bright
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences
Adoption for SOAA 3350 - Intro to Social Statistics

Jill Channing
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Clemmer College
Adoption for ELPA 7812 - Qualitative Research; ELPA 7823 - Higher Education Finance; ELPA 6454 - Policy, Power, and Politics in Education; ELPA 6020 - Seminar in Educational Supervision

Jamie Clem
Assistant Professor, Social Work, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences
Adoption for SOWK 4340 - Practice with Families and Groups

Lisa Dunkley
Assistant Professor, Counseling and Human Services, Clemmer College
Adoption for HDAL 4011 - Human Development and Learning

Brandi Eveland-Sayers
Assistant Professor, Sport, Exercise, Recreation, and Kinesiology, Clemmer College
Adoption for PEXS 4977 - Exercise Management for Chronic Disease and Disability

Tammy Hayes
Assistant Professor, Media and Communication, College of Arts and Sciences
Adoption for RTVF 2600 - Intro to RTVF

Lori Meier
Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Clemmer College
Adaption for CUAI 4220 - Social Studies Education in Multicultural Society

Sonu Mirchandani
Adjunct, College of Business and Technology
Adaption for BADM 1130 - Introduction to Business

Alex Sargsyan
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Creation for NRSE 5016 - Pathophysiological Foundations of Diagnoses and Intervention


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