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Open and Affordable Course Materials

Fall 2023 Workshops

Saving Bucs: Open and Affordable Course Materials Information Workshop

Come learn about Open Educational Resources and affordable course material options for your students, and how to apply for the OA Award. Attendees who complete an activity after the workshop will receive a $100 stipend.

Register for the Workshop on March 4 (Monday) from 10-11 AM on Zoom!

Open Pedagogy Workshop

Open Pedagogy is a way to take Open Educational Resources (OERs) to the next level! In this workshop, we will explore definitions, examples, and applications of Open Pedagogy. Participants will also learn more about ETSU’s Open and Affordable Course Materials Awards program and how to apply for Open Pedagogy related awards.  

Register for the Workshop on March 8 (Friday) from 10-11 AM at 433 Sherrod Library

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