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Digital Scholarship Services

Data Services

As part of grant or publication requirements, researchers may be required to upload their data in an open access repository. Digital Commons@ETSU can fulfill that need!

Digital Commons@ETSU is an open access repository that can store data - no matter the size, scope, or type. We are available to consult on the best way to store and organize your data. Contact for more information.

Note: According to the Supplemental Information to the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing: Selecting a Repository for Data Resulting from NIH-Supported Research, NIH prefers that data is available in discipline or data-type specific repositories. If no appropriate repository exits, then institutional repositories (like Digital Commons@ETSU) is an acceptable alternative. 

Contact Information

Please contact for any requests and/or questions regarding Digital Scholarship Services. 

Digital Scholarship Services is managed by Ashley Sergiadis (, 423-439-4992) and Kyle Johnson (johnsonka4@etsu.edu423-439-4328).