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Digital Scholarship Services

eJournals and eConferences Publishing

The purpose of Digital Commons@ETSU [the “repository”] is to showcase the scholarship of its faculty and students and to preserve the scholarly record of those activities. The repository sponsors eJournals and eConferences provided:

(1) The journal or conference is sponsored by ETSU


(2) The journal or conference is sponsored by an organization:

  • whose mission is related to ETSU academic programs;
  • whose members include ETSU faculty in leadership roles such as editor, co-editor, program chair;
  • that does not provide its own platform to manage, preserve, and provide access to content;
  • that agrees to publish materials in Digital Commons as long as they are using the services.

Materials are published as open access by default. Exceptions (e.g. embargos, restricted to ETSU campus) will need to be negotiated.

We request that journals and conferences assign to ETSU a non-exclusive, perpetual license to distribute the materials from the repository and to make it available to the public in any format in perpetuity for published content in Digital Commons@ETSU.

Request a Site

Email to schedule a meeting to discuss setting up a journal or conference site. During the meeting, the Digital Scholarship Librarian will provide an overview of the Digital Commons' capabilities and review the journal or conference setup form. Digital scholarship services:

  • Guidance on content supported by the system
  • Training on how to use Digital Commons
  • Acting as a liaison between organizers and Digital Commons support
  • Uploading past content

Note: ​Journal or conference sites can take a few business days to a month to be created, depending on the design requested. If possible, please schedule the initial setup meeting at least a month before the conference or journal intends to accept submissions.

Contact Information

Please contact for any requests and/or questions regarding Digital Scholarship Services. 

Digital Scholarship Services is managed by Ashley Sergiadis (, 423-439-4992) and Kyle Johnson (johnsonka4@etsu.edu423-439-4328).