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Digital Scholarship Services

Services for Colleges and Departments

Faculty Works series and Expert Galleries foster collaboration and recruitment as well as provide collective research impact metrics for organizations (colleges, organizations, schools, etc.), including downloads and abstract views. 

Faculty Works Series

Faculty Works series compile the scholarly and/or creative works produced by an organization. The series can be customized based on the document type (article, presentation, etc.) and/or years of the works. Colleges, departments, and other organizations can request Faculty Works series to be embedded through RSS Feeds on their sites. 

Expert Galleries

Expert Galleries showcase the SelectedWorks profiles of an organization, making them searchable and browsable based on research interests and disciplines. Colleges, departments, and other organizations can request an Expert Gallery featuring their faculty to embed on their website. 

Try out the ETSU Expert Gallery below!

Browse the ETSU Expert Gallery

Contact Information

Ashley D.R. Sergiadis
Digital Scholarship Librarian