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Digital Scholarship Services

SelectedWorks Profiles

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Individual websites for faculty that highlight their scholarly and/or creative works.

Explore the benefits of SelectedWorks profiles.

Request a Profile

Email your CV to request a SelectedWorks profile. Sherrod Library provides the following services:

  • Checking copyright policies to determine what information can be added
  • Updating profiles as requested
  • Inclusion in ETSU Expert Gallery and Faculty Works series in Digital Commons

By default, we add the last five years of your scholarly and creative works. We will add works past five years upon request. 

Update Your Profile

You can update your SelectedWorks profile by:

Contact Information

Ashley D.R. Sergiadis
Digital Scholarship Librarian

Undergraduate Mentor

Want to be an Undergraduate Mentor? Request your SelectedWorks profile be included in the Faculty Mentor Gallery

Research Metrics

Review the Author Dashboard: Real-time Usage Statistics for Authors Guide for information on available metrics and how to access them.