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Digital Scholarship Services

SelectedWorks Profiles

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Individual websites for faculty that highlight their scholarly and/or creative works.

Explore the benefits of SelectedWorks profiles.

Creation of Profiles

Prior to Fall 2022, faculty had to request Sherrod Library to create a profile by emailing their CV. Currently, Sherrod Library is working on creating a profile for every member of the ETSU faculty. Profiles will be created based on publicly available information, specifically the ETSU website and Scopus publication database. Faculty will receive an email once their profile is completed. The profile will remain private for two weeks to allow for the faculty member to review the profile. After two weeks, the profile will become public unless the faculty member requests otherwise. Faculty are welcomed to send their CV to us to create a more comprehensive profile, including their honors, grants, and other activities of note. However, it is no longer required to have a profile made.

Update Your Profile

You can update your SelectedWorks profile by:

  • Emailing your requests. Requests can come in many forms: changing your research interests, adding an individual publication, adding all scholarship from your CV. 
  • Updating the profile yourself. To do so, visit‚Äč. Sign up using your ETSU email address. If you already have a Digital Commons account, use that information to log in. Consult the SelectedWorks Guide for Authors for additional instructions on how to edit your profile.

We are in the process of exploring more automated ways to update the profiles. We will be providing more information at a later date.

Leaving ETSU

In the event you leave ETSU, your profile will become hidden. You can request that your profile remain available online by emailing  In this case, your profile will remain online for others to find but removed from the ETSU Expert Gallery

Contact Information

Please contact for any requests and/or questions regarding Digital Scholarship Services. 

Digital Scholarship Services is managed by Ashley Sergiadis (, 423-439-4992) and Kyle Johnson (johnsonka4@etsu.edu423-439-4328).

Undergraduate Mentor

Want to be an Undergraduate Mentor? Request your SelectedWorks profile be included in the Faculty Mentor Gallery

Research Metrics

Review the Author Dashboard: Real-time Usage Statistics for Authors Guide for information on available metrics and how to access them.