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Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery

Rapido Basics

To begin submitting interlibrary loan (ILL) requests, be sure to sign in to your library account.

When you locate an item in OneSearch that is not available at Sherrod Library you will be able to submit an ILL request without leaving OneSearch!

Physical book records will provide an option to obtain the entire book or just a chapter.  When the information is available, a delivery estimate will be provided.  Please note that these are only estimates and may change if the original lender is unable to supply the material.

Once you click "Get It," you will see a request form that allows you to add the specific volume needed, a not wanted after date, and any notes that may help the ILL department to fill your request.  For chapter requests, you will also need to add the chapter and/or pages needed.

Requesting articles is just as easy!  When you click "Get It" you will see a request form that allows you to add any relevant notes. 

When your requested item arrives (whether physically or digitally), you will receive an email from the ILL department.

You can also now check your library account to view your interlibrary loan requests.  Physical Material will be located in the Loans tab and digital requests can be viewed in the Requests tab.  When your item is ready, you can download the file directly from your library account.

For items that you cannot locate in OneSearch, you can submit a request using the Sherrod Library Interlibrary Loan Form.