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Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery

Renewals and Overdues

How do I request a renewal?

The easiest way is by logging into ILLiad and looking at your Checked Out Items.  The Renewal Request option will be to the right of the title in blue.  Once you've requested the renewal, ILL staff pass that along to the lender, who has the final say on whether the due date changes or not.  ILL staff also change the due date in our circulation system.  If the lending library says "no" to a renewal, make another request for the same book. We'll try to get it for you from another lender.  

How long is the renewal?

Renewals are usually for two weeks. 

How many times can I renew my ILL books?

Lenders will generally make one renewal.

The book was due yesterday.  Can I still ask for a renewal?

Call the Access Services Supervisor at 423-439-6997 or email  Most lenders will still consider renewing a book that's only one or two days overdue.

My book isn't overdue; it's due TODAY!  Why can't I get ILLiad to ask for a renewal?

The ILLiad software is set up with a window of time for renewal requests.  Because it usually takes a 24-hour timeframe for us to request a renewal and the lending library to answer, the day a book is due is one day too late.  Call the Access Services Supervisor at 423-439-6997 to ask about renewals or email at