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Library Resources in D2L

What is Sherrod Research Companion?

Sherrod Research Companion is a collection of resources and "how-to" learning modules for student research. This content is ready to be imported as a D2L content module.  Once imported, the instructor can selectively choose or rearrange content as they need.

Overview of Content Provided:

  1. Library Resources
    1. Library Website Link
    2. Introduction to Academic Research (Library Guide Widget)
    3. Request a Research Appointment
    4. Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database Link
    5. How to Read a Scientific Article - Link to Full Text
  2. Finding Information
    1. Module 01: How do I choose a topic?
    2. Module 02: Where do I find information?
    3. Module 03: Where do I start?
  3. Evaluating Information
    1. Module 04: How do I evaluate sources?
    2. Module 05: What counts as evidence?
  4. Using Information
    1. Module 06: How do I write a thesis statement?
    2. Module 07: How do I organize my argument?
    3. Module 08: How do I avoid plagiarism and find my own voice?
    4. Module 09: What do I look for when I revise?
    5. Module 10: How can I do better next time?
  5. Tools
    1. Source Evaluation Aid Tool
    2. Citation Builder Tool
    3. Revision Aid
    4. Search Aid

Download the D2L Import File

How do I import the module?

  1. Click the cog wheel in the top right corner of your D2L course screen. Choose Import/Export/Copy Components. Be sure you are in the correct course that you wish to have the module in. 
  2. Choose Import Components. Click Start.
  3. Upload the file you downloaded above. 
  4. Choose Import All Components.
  5. D2L will read the file and import the module into your content page. Look for Sherrod Research Companion