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Library Resources in D2L

What is SAGE Research Methods?

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) has a wide array of tools for every step of the research process plus hundreds of qualitative and quantitative methods, including interactive tools such as the Methods Map and Project Planner.

Many SAGE Research Videos can be embedded into D2L. Use the instructions below to import this content.  

How to embed SAGE Research Method Videos in D2L

  1. Find a video on SAGE Research Methods you wish to embed.
  2. Click the Embed Icon located to the right of the title.
  3. You can customize the video with segment and size options. We recommend 640x360 or larger for the D2L screen. 
  4. Once finished, Click the Copy to Clipboard Button.
  5. In D2L, add a new content page. Choose Video or Audio.
  6. Paste the code copied in step 3. 
  7. Assign the video a title. Click Save.

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