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Library Resources in D2L

What is the Library Guide Tool?

This tool automatically provides a library guide relevant to your course code. For example, an ACCT 1010 course will be directed to the Accounting guide with subject-specific resources for articles, books, journals, and media. No linking or selecting content is required by the instructor. The tool can be placed inside a content module, or on the D2L course navbar.

Option 1: Add the Library Guide tool to your Navbar


Option 2: Add the Library Guide tool in your content module


Adding the Library Guide tool under the Content tab:

  1. While inside the module you wish for the link to appear, choose External Learning Tools under the Add Existing Activities drop-down.
    Add existing activities in D2L
  2. Inside the Add Activity window, choose Library Guides.
    Library Guides activity
  3. The link will be added to your module. 
  4. In order for the link to work properly, you will need to select Edit Properties In-place
    edit properties in place
  5. Check Open as External Resource.
    open as external link
  6. Save. Test the link.