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Award Season at the Sherrod Library

by Sarah Bull on 2023-05-05T11:43:24-04:00 | 0 Comments

As ETSU closes out another academic year, the time comes for us to reflect and recognize the achievements of our community. Annually, the Sherrod takes this chance to internally recognize its outstanding roster of faculty, staff, and student workers. Between the student scholarship awards, and the faculty/staff/team awards, spring is a season everyone celebrates.

This year, we celebrate eight award winners including three undergraduates, three grad students, and two full-time Sherrod Library employees.


Undergraduate student Kaitlyn Armstrong with Ask Us Supervisor, Jeri Paddock. Kaitlyn is working toward her Bachelor's in Elementary Education and has worked at the Ask Us desk for four semesters. Paddock calls Kaitlyn a "Dream come true" student worker, punctual and with a great work ethic.


Undergraduate student Alexandria "Ali" Thompson with Government Docs Specialist, Paul Nease. Ali is pursuing a degree in social work and she has worked at the Government Information Desk for four semesters. Nease describes Ali as "remarkably consistent," and notes that "she is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done."


Undergraduate student and Library Ambassador, John Smith with Lydia Gywn, the Library Ambassador Program Director. John is a Library Ambassador Kahoot Champion, as well as health sciences major. He has been a Library Ambassador for four semesters. Gywn is confident when sending John to any research-help station on campus, knowing he "will rise to the occasion." He is always ready to volunteer when help is needed.


Graduate student Emilee Storie and Ask Us Supervisor, Jeri Paddock. Emilee is soon to receive her Master's of Science in Digital Marketing. She has worked as a GA at the Ask Us desk for four semesters, consistently ready to open the library every morning. In her supervisor review, Paddock rated Emilee a "5+++++ on reliability." Emilee's scholarship essay revealed a deep understanding of library reference work. We wish her the best throughout the rest of her career.


Graduate student Devin Lowe with Government Docs Specialist, Paul Nease. Devin is in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and has worked with Gov Docs for four total semesters. One example of Devin's work ethic is a project wherein he moved several hundred maps within the collection. Devin will be heading out of state to complete his clinical rotations soon, and he will be greatly missed within the department. We wish Devin well as he continues his academic career.


Graduate student Remi Berg, winner of the Research Scholarship. Berg's paper, "The Union's Scandinavian Regiment, 1861-1865," showed excellent usage of library resources and refined research skills.



Sherrod Library Faculty/Staff award winners, Lydia Gywn and Kyle Johnson. Johnson, winner of the Staff Award, demonstrates flexibility and resilience in the face of any setback or demand. His fantastic attitude betters the Sherrod Library as a whole. Gwyn, winner of the Faculty Award, leads the Library Ambassador program. In this role, Gywn acts as a mentor to her students, consistently taking the time to ensure their academic and emotional wellness. Gywn also takes on several teaching responsibilities, taking the lead on many instruction sessions in addition to her responsibilities as instructor of CDST 1800. The Sherrod Library congratulates and thanks both Johnson and Gwyn for all that they contribute to both the Library, and the University as a whole.


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