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Food and Drink Policy

The Sherrod Library will balance library users’ needs to eat and drink with everyone’s need to be safe. This balance requires the modification of past practice. As the 1st floor is the highest traffic floor, home to many public services, a computer lab, and open study areas, food consumption is prohibited. Beverages are allowed throughout the building unless otherwise prohibited in this policy or as indicated by signage.

  • Library users consuming food or beverages must follow ETSU COVID-19 Policy on Face Coverings.
  • Masks should be removed only for as long as is required to consume food or drink.
  • A physical distance of 6 feet between persons should be maintained while eating, drinking, working, or studying.
  • Food and drink are prohibited in the Archives of Appalachia.
  • Food consumption in Sherrod Library is restricted to the individual study rooms on floors 2-4. Consuming food elsewhere in the building is prohibited.
  • Beverages are allowed only in spill proof containers.
  • Consuming drinks at computers, scanners, and printers is discouraged. Anyone responsible for damaging equipment is liable for the full repair or replacement cost of the equipment.
  • Food deliveries to the Sherrod Library are restricted to outside of the building. Library users will collect their deliveries outside, not inside, the building.  
  • Pack it in. Pack it out. Library users who consume food and beverages in the library are expected to clean up their own trash. Trash cans and recycling bins are provided throughout the building.
  • Clean surfaces with sanitizing wipes available throughout the building.
  • Report spills on floor/carpet, furniture, and library materials promptly. Call 423-439-4303, text to chat at 423-781-0863, or tell AskUs Desk staff on 1st floor.

Revised 8/3/2020