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General Library User Conduct Policy

Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research requires that each library user follow Sherrod Library's conduct policy.

All library users have the obligation to:

  • interact courteously with other users and library staff.
  • maintain a quiet research and study environment, free of noise, distractions, and other offensive interpersonal behavior. Please see the library's Cell Phones and Activity Zones Policy.
  • preserve accessibility to library materials by providing ETSU IDs or Library Associate cards, as requested; checking out materials properly; returning materials on time and to the proper location.
  • respond promptly to all library notices.
  • keep library materials and property clean, unmarked, and intact.
  • comply with the ETSU Information Technology Code of Ethics and maintain library computer systems by refraining from unauthorized accessing and altering of any library computer system, network computer program, or data.
  • abide by copyright laws and/or ETSU's policies on copyright.
  • maintain a clean environment by not smoking, by using only covered beverage containers, and by disposing of trash appropriately. Please see the library's Food and Drink Policy.
  • use only authorized areas of the library during library hours; exit the building when requested, such as during emergency situations or drills
  • ensure the safety of all persons in the library by abstaining from activities inside or outside the library that would endanger others, including bringing unauthorized weapons, vehicles or equipment, animals, and other items onto library premises.
  • make sure that items are properly returned to be checked in via the library's circulation system. The responsibility and liability remain with the borrower until the item is properly checked in.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a suspension of library services.