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Sherrod Library User Conduct Policy

All Sherrod Library users should ensure a pleasant and productive environment for study, research, and creativity that all may use and enjoy. Each library user is expected to follow Sherrod Library's User Conduct Policy and follow ETSU’s University Policy and Administrative Rules.  

All library users should: 

  • maintain an environment that supports research, study, conversation, and creativity; free from noise, distractions, and other behaviors or activities that unduly disturbs others.   

  • respect the noise-level expectations set for each floor. For example, keep group work and conversations in group areas; honor the Quiet Zones on the Fourth Floor.  

  • keep interactions with library staff and other library patrons as courteous as possible. 

  • help keep your library clean. Leave no trace. Dispose of your trash. Report spills, etc. 

  • use only authorized, public areas of the library during posted operating hours. 

  • exit the building when requested, such as during emergencies, drills, and regular closures. 

  • ensure the safety of all persons in the library by abstaining from activities that would endanger others, including bringing unauthorized weapons, vehicles, equipment, or non-service animals into the library.  

  • keep library materials and property clean, unmarked, and intact. 

  • comply with the ETSU Information Technology Code of Ethics

  • abide by copyright laws. 

  • refrain from using any tobacco or vaping products,  

  • abide by Sherrod’s Food and Drink Policy. 

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a suspension of library services and/or referral to ETSU Public Safety or the Dean of Students. 


Sherrod Library User Conduct Policy

Last Approved: March 23rd, 2023

Workgroup Members:

  • David Atkins (Dean)
  • Blair Jones (Associate Dean)
  • Library Management Group

Contact Information

Library Administration

Sherrod Library Room 417

Phone: (423) 439-4337


Hours: 8:00 am-4:30 pm Monday - Friday

Map showing location of Library Administration