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Filming and photography in Sherrod Library are only permitted by permission. Requests must be approved by the Dean of University Libraries or a designated substitute.

How to Get Permission:

  • Complete and submit the Film Request Form to Sherrod Library Administration at least 5 business days before the filming date. 
  • Submit signed Release Forms for every person who will be filmed or photographed in the Library as part of the project. A link to a sample is in the box on the right.
  • Approval will be granted or denied by the Dean of University Libraries on a case by case basis.

Conduct During Filming/Photography

  • Filming/photography may be performed only in the designated areas as approved.
  • Student filming/photography must be sponsored by an ETSU faculty member.
  • Filming/photography is generally not permitted in:
    • Designated quiet areas
    • Individual study rooms, offices, or staff work areas
    • Any space that displays copyrighted material
  • Artificial lighting must be kept to a minimum
  • Filming/photography must not disturb library users or staff members, or interfere with normal library operations.
  • Requesters must provide their own subjects or obtain the consent of anyone who is filmed or photographed.
  • Filming/photography should be conducted during off-peak hours.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Dean of University Libraries

Contact Information & Forms

Library Administration

Sherrod Library Room 417

Phone: (423) 439-4337


Hours: 8:00 am-4:30 pm Monday - Friday

Map showing location of Library Administration