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Cell Phones and Activity Zones Overview

The Charles C. Sherrod Library strives to provide a variety of spaces for research, study, and collaboration. The policies below seeks to meet those needs with consideration and respect for others.  

Cell Phone/Media Player Policy

  • Text don't talk.
  • Set cell phones to vibrate or to silent mode.
  • Move to a hallway, stairwell, or outside the building to make or take a call.
  • Talk quietly.
  • Always use headphones to listen to audio.

Conversation and Quiet Zones

Open Conversation
Normal conversation and group discussion.
     1st Floor    All library computer lab and study areas.
     3rd Floor    Suite 311
Quiet Discussion
Low volume conversation and group discussion.
Normal conversation at service desks and in staff areas.
     2nd Floor    All library computer lab and study areas
     3rd Floor     All library computer lab and study areas except Suite 311
Silent Study
No conversation or group discussion.
     4th Floor    All library study areas

Conversation and Quiet Zones by Floor

1st Floor    All library computer lab and study areas        Open Conversation
2nd Floor   All library computer lab and study areas        Quiet Discussion
3rd Floor    Suite 311                                                        Open Conversation
                  All other library computer lab & study areas   Quiet Discussion
4th Floor    All library study areas                                     Silent Study

Noise Policy Enforcement

Sherrod Library serves the University community by providing a welcoming atmosphere conducive to research and study for all of our patrons. If people around you are disturbing you, you can ask them to be quieter, move to a silent area like the 4th floor, or report it if necessary. To report a noise disturbance or disruptive behavior, notify a library staff member either in person, using our chat service on the library homepage, or by phone during service desk hours. 

Once a noise disturbance is reported, library employees will respond to the problem appropriately. However, please understand that the quiet zones are recommended guidelines for behavior and that in a heavily used building like ours, it may be impossible to accommodate everyone all the time.

Patrons who do not cease disruptive behaviors will be asked to leave the library. If necessary, library employees are authorized to call Public Safety.

Sherrod Library Cell Phones and Activity Zones Policy

Last Approved: 2024

Contact Information

Library Administration

Sherrod Library Room 417

Phone: (423) 439-4337


Hours: 8:00 am-4:30 pm Monday - Friday

Map showing location of Library Administration